Application Requirements: Registrant must complete online registration and payment within given due days. Applications are subject to availability.

Registration Steps:

Steps Note
Online Registration
Registration starts from 13:00, 12th, September, 2016 , subject to availability. Registrants must complete and submit online registration.
Application Review
Application will be reviewed after submission. Registrants will receive an email regarding registration status & payment notice within 3 business days.
Payment should be made within 10 days after receiving payment notice, by telegraphic transfer only.
Booth Selection Booth selection will be processed during Exhibitor Orientation & Booth Selection Meeting which will be held on 2nd, March, 2017.

Payment Methods: Telegraphic Transfer ONLY

  1. Payment should be made within 10 days after receiving payment notice by TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER ONLY, remitted to:
    A/C No 148-40-001581
    Currency USD
  2. All extra banking handling charges, if any, are borne by the registrant.
  3. In case of booth cancellation, booth rental already paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  4. Payment processed by company other than the registrant will not be accepted.
  5. Please keep the receipt(s) of the telegraphic transfer for your reference.

Booth Rental Rates for International Exhibitors:

Options for number of booth: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 ,9,12, 16, 20, 24, 30, 36, 40, 50

1. Raw space (3x3 square meters) US $1600
    Raw space rental only provides basic power 110V 500W and is WITHOUT partition, carpet, or any other equipment or designs.

2. Shell scheme (3x3 square meters) US$ 2000

Item Qty Unit
Standard Booth 300x300x300cm/H 1 set
Carpet 300x300cm/W 9 sqm
Company name 290x25cm/H
( Black background with white letters)
1 pc
Cupboard, 100x50x100cm/H, lockable 1 pc
Meeting bar table, Dia. 60x110cm/H 1 pc
High chair 2 pc
Long arm spotlight 100W (yellow light) 4 pcs
110V/5A socket 1 pc
Waste paper basket 1 pc

Note: All items are on rental basis.

3. Stand (1.5x1.5 square meters) US$ 1000

Item Qty Unit
Standard Booth 150x300cm/H 1 set
Carpet 150x150cm/W 2.25 sqm
Company name
( Black background with white letters)
1 pc
Meeting bar table, Dia. 60x110cm/H 1 pc
High chair 2 pc
Long arm spotlight 100W (yellow light) 2 pcs
110V/5A socket 1 pc
Waste paper basket 1 pc

Note: All items are on rental basis.


  1. VAT included.
  2. Application deadline: 15th February, 2017or subject to availability.
  3. Rental service at COMPUTEX InnoVEX (TWTC Exhibition Hall 3) is from May 30 to June 1, 2017.
  4. It is forbidden to resell, sublease, transfer or divide booths to a third party. 

Booth selection:

  1. Booth selection priority is based on the submit date of application. Booth are available on a first come, first served basis. 
  2. All booth allocations will be selected by exhibitors at the Exhibitor Orientation & Booth Selection Meeting, being held on 2nd, March, 2017.  Exhibitors will receive an email with additional information and instructions before the meeting.
    1. If you or your representative in Taiwan will attend:
      It is required to confirm your attendance with the organizer before the meeting.
    2. If you are not able to attend:
      The organizer will select your exhibit booth on your behalf. You will be informed about your booth number and will receive other information, including the exhibitor’s manual, afterwards. The manual will also be on the official web site at


  • Taiwan External Trade Development Council has purchased insurance of fire insurance, burglary insurance, WPA, and public liability insurance for the EXPO. However, the organizer will not be liable for any loss or damages that are not attributable to the organizer in question.
  • The organizer reserves the right to re-locate the EXPO or change the dates on which it is held in the case of Force Majeure (such as earthquakes, storms, typhoons, floods, fires). In the event of such change, Exhibitor shall have the right to cancel the exhibition agreement at any time by written notice to the organizer. The cancellation will receive a prorated refund, and necessary expenses shall be deducted from such refund as well. However, a full refund will be made on cancellation at the organizer’s sole discretion. Aforementioned, the organizer is not liable for any damages caused due to such cancellation.
  • The booth constructions and operation activities must satisfy the regulations of fire services and public works security. Exhibitor shall be solely liable for any loss or damages caused by Exhibitor’s improper performance, or defective constructions.
  • The organizer is eligible to revise or supplement the terms not mentioned in this exhibition policy from time to time.

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