GREENBANK G-Switch 綠色節能無線開關


你家沒有中性線? 沒問題,G-Switch無線開關像傳統的牆壁開關一樣安裝,拆下原本的傳統開關,使用簡單的手機APP就可以快速方便地控制開關。
No neutral wire in your home? No problem
This G-Switch wireless switch is for you and installs like the traditional Wall Switch with the exception of requiring a connection to a neutral. Once installed, setup is quick and easy using simple programming.
Greenbank develop the technology of single live(L) wire without neutral(N) wire to provide the power for smart switch including BLE module and support multi-mobile devices control all smart switch on your smart phone.
The power saving technology also support 2way and 3way wireless smart switch without neutral wire for smart home application.
GREENBANK Technology, with a strong technical team, master the key technologies of energy conservation, the main research and development of green energy and BIG data related technology, development lab in Hsinchu Science Park, the production of IOT wireless smart switch, have passed CE / FCC / CCC / BSMI / ROHS certification.

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