The new revolution in aquaculture! In order to strengthen the competitiveness of aquaculture, the government has the duty to promote the intelligent aquaculture technology to monitor the aquaculture environment precisely and 24 hours a day continuously. It is not only for the high quality and healthy fishery production, but also to protect the safety of life and property of aquaculture farmers.
Dr. Chin-Yuan Hsieh, founder and CEO of GINTEL TECHNOLOGY INC., said that to keep the international aquaculture competition and the leader in the world, applying the intelligent technology in the aquaculture to monitor the and real-time improve the water quality is a very important issue under the WTO rules. Therefore, it is an emergency topic to apply the intelligent technology in aquaculture. In recent years, the shrimp farming in the world is facing an unprecedented catastrophe due to the disease and the deterioration of the farming environment. It highlights the importance of applying the intelligent technology in aquaculture.
The research team of GINTEL TECHNOLOGY INC. in Taiwan develops the product of CLOUD INTELLIGENT AQUACULTURE TOXIC CONCENTRATION MONITOR AND REAL-TIME IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM under the supervision of Dr. Chin-Yuan Hsieh. Dr. Hsieh graduated from University of Texas, USA with the doctoral degree. Dr. Hsieh is a university professor, college dean and associate editor of IEEJ international journal. The system develops the security water quality protection network to ensure the stability of water quality during aquaculture. The functions of the system are to protect the safety of aquaculture farmer's property, to provide healthy aquatic products for consumption and to protect the health of consumers. For instructing the security network the system not only provides monitoring water quality continuously 24 hours a day.
Dr. Chin-Yuan Hsieh, Founder and CEO, said the main core goal of the system development is focusing on the seafood safety, production cost down, high production C/P value, high production efficiency, aquaculture farmer’s property safety, consumer health and young people of next generations willing to engage in aquaculture. The intelligent monitor and improvement system for aquaculture water parameters wins lots of national and international competition awards, such as The first prize of 2016 National Intelligent Agricultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, First Prize of 2016 The 21st National College Information Application Service Innovation Competition Production and Cooperation Group, First Prize of 2016 National Industrial and Technological Innovation Competition, First Prize of 2017 International Big Data- eSystem Creative Application Contest, Gold Medal - 2016 IIIC International Innovation Invention Contest, Gold Medal - 2016 Taipei International Invention Technology Trade Show.
The special functions and characteristics of the intelligent product “CLOUD INTELLIGENT AQUACULTURE TOXIC CONCENTRATION MONITOR AND REAL-TIME IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM” include:
1. To digitize the aquaculture water.
2. To apply the artificial intelligence technology.
3. The transdisciplinary majors of science and technology applied.
4. To monitor the aquaculture water monitor intelligently, technologically and professionally.
5. The transdisciplinary majors of chemistry, physics, biology, aquaculture, mobile communication design, action application design, embedded system hardware and software design, algorithmic programming, mathematical model development, statistics, automatic control are applied and needed.
6. No internet needed.
7. To provide more than 20 water parameters including pH, Alkalinity, Nitrite, Temperature, ORP, Nitrate, TN, Turbidity, % Ammonia, TSS, TDS, DO, NH3, BOD, Salinity, COD, kH, EC, TOC, PO4, Coliform, C/N, Cyanobacteria and so on.
8. To compare the data measured with those published in international journals, the accuracy is about 90%.
9. To monitor water parameters 24 hours a day, continuous and not interrupted.
10. To start the warning mechanism, locate, message notice sent to mobile device, start water quality improvement system automatically on bad water conditions.
11. The original used water quality improvement equipments, such as water temperature, probiotics, dissolved oxygen and etc., can be also available to connect with the system. No need to use new one.
12. “Intelligent Feeding” instead of traditional “Automatic Feeding”.
13. The water parameters measures will stored in the database of cloud server for data analysis.
14. To avoid being stolen, the system will close, locate and send message to user’s mobile device (mobile phone and/or pad) automatically on moving out of the restricted area.

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