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Organized by Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) and implemented by Taipei Computer Association (TCA), the AI NEXT Pavilion aims to bring Taiwan’s top-notch AI startups to the global stage. The showcased startups of the pavilion are not only acknowledged by the Taiwanese government, but also supported by the world’s leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), Taiwan’s key telecom operators including Chunghwa Telecom and Far EasTone Telecommunications, renowned Taiwanese Tech Giants such as ASUS and Acer, and Taiwan's foremost tech industry association TCA. This year’s showcase includes AI solutions in smart healthcare, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, smart retail, and logistics, which have been adopted by clients in Brazil, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Singapore. The AI NEXT Pavilion strives to harness unlimited potential from business opportunities and continue to accelerate growth in the global AI ecosystem. <p align="center" ><a href="">Website</a>│<a href="">Youtube</a>│<a href="">Facebook</a></p>
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