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“AI Startups Pilot” is to encourage more Taiwanese startups to invest in artificial intelligence and gain ground in a wide range of industries, and focused on exploring crucial emerging and niche issues, including geriatric medical care, AIOT (Artificial Internet of Things) information security, smart manufacturing, autonomous driving, and smart retail. The subsidy mechanism will accelerate the development of AI startups by helping them to come out with internationally competitive AI applications and products. This project will be able to highlight the role of the "AI Taiwan Action Plan" in promoting Taiwan's lead role in AI, racing to amass AI talent, building Taiwan into a hub for AI innovation, liberalizing laws and regulations, and transforming industry with AI. In addition, it will also encourage Taiwanese companies to form flagship teams and continuously invest in AI and IC technologies for Taiwan to come out with internationally competitive system applications and innovative service solutions. <p align="center"><a href="" target="_blank">Website</a></p>
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