InnoVEX Online Terms of Services

2022/11/11 Ver.

In facing the COVID-19 pandemic and the restriction of global business communication, the InnoVEX team under Taipei Computer Association (TCA) has launched InnoVEX Online. InnoVEX Online is available to global tech-startups, extending beyond the traditional exhibitors list function, it will provide online presence globally by means of integrating with related communities via effective channels for those who are unable to participate physically in Taipei, Taiwan.

We strongly encourage tech-startups to utilize this online platform as it complements the InnoVEX experience by saving on valuable time, resources while breaking the boundaries of physical restrictions.

1. Period

From May 1st, 2023 to April 30th, 2024 (GMT +8).

2. Criteria

  1. InnoVEX Online 2023 is only for tech-startups registered as a company after January 1st, 2015.
  2. Organizations which established to promote or foster startups could apply to build online pavilions. The pavilion must have at least 4 startups included.

3. Fees

  1. Exhibitors who are members of the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) can enjoy special rates. Please contact the InnoVEX Team for how to join the membership of TCA.
  2. Payment is to be done through wire transfer or credit card. If overseas exhibitor needs wire information, please contact the organizer. Any handling transfer fees are to be paid by the exhibitor.

Startup Pavilion Pavilion (Premium)
TCA Member NT$30,000
(approx. US$950)
NT$30,000 /per startup under pavilion
(approx. US$950/per startup)
NT$ 150,000
+ NT$ 30,000 /per startup under pavilion
(approx. US$4,780 + US$950/per startup)
Others NT$33,000
(approx. US$1,050)
NT$33,000 /per startup under pavilion
(approx. US$1,050/per startup)
NT$ 157,500
+ NT$ 33,000 /per startup under pavilion
(approx. US$5,010 + US$1,050/per startup)
For Each Startup
Company Logo V V V
Company Profile V V V
Company URLs V V V
Product Introduction 3 3 /per startup 3 /per startup
Company Video 1 1 /per startup 1 /per startup
Company News Release 3 3 /per startup 3 /per startup
InnoVEX Pitch Contest V V V
Business Card Exchange V V V
Online Matchmaking V V V
For Pavilion Organizer
Pavilion Page V V
E-newsletter Promotion V V
List as Supporting Partner V
Add Partners Column on Pavilion Page V
Search Engine Priority V
Banner on InnoVEX Online
(14 days)

4. Registration

  1. Register via My InnoVEX and complete the online information filling and payment
  2. Each application will go under a review process; successful applications will be published on InnoVEX Online by the InnoVEX Team.
  3. Those who apply for the pavilion will get a set of pavilion code after completing the registration, which needs to be provided to the startups under the pavilion to finish the online page setting.

My InnoVEX Registration
  1. Registration opens from October 17th, 2022.
  2. How to Register: Register with My InnoVEX, click the menu "InnoVEX 2023", choose the plan "Exhibition (online only)" and complete the registration form.
  3. The exhibitor could fill in the online exhibition page information when registering and may edit the content via My InnoVEX at any time.
  4. Please save your account & password as they will be used for future exhibitor online services.
Exhibition Fee Payment
  1. Please complete the payment processes after submitting registration.
  2. All payments are to be done through wire transfer or credit card. Any handling transfer fees are to be paid by the exhibitor.
Registration Complete
  1. The InnoVEX team will review the application and payment. If the application is incomplete or not qualify, the applicants will be notified by email and need to revise for re-submission.
  2. Successful applications will be published online by the InnoVEX Team after May 1st, 2023.

5. Regulations

  1. The onsite exhibitor of InnoVEX 2023 will receive a 6-months free online exhibition, starting from May 1st to October 31st, 2023.
  2. During the active period, exhibitors may edit the exhibiting page via My InnoVEX at any time.
  3. After the exhibitor submits the online application and completes the payment, the online exhibiting plan is deemed as be approved by the exhibitor. If the exhibitor requests to suspend the online exhibition and remove the materials before the expiration date, no refunds may be requested.
  4. All startups exhibiting InnoVEX Online are qualified to apply for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest and must meet the registration requirements and deadline of the contest.
  5. The InnoVEX Team reserves the right to refuse startups providing non-ICT related products or the products contrary to order public or principles of morality to participate InnoVEX Online. The InnoVEX Team reserves the right of final review decision.
  6. Participating-startup is forbidden to post any products which violated Intellectual Property Law in Taiwan, including, without limitation, false information, exhibit counterfeit products & services or any display that infringes on any existing patents, copyrights, trademarks, or any intellectual property ownership rights. Any Participating-startup found to have violated this clause are obligated to cooperate with the original intellectual property owners/right holders to submit a legal search procedure to related instances and the InnoVEX Team has the right to cancel its qualification to participate InnoVEX Online. If it causes any loss or harm, including, without limitation, litigation costs, attorney’s fees or any remedy at law, the startup should indemnify the InnoVEX Team.
  7. In the case of any unforeseen circumstances, the InnoVEX Team may revise this regulation at any time and all information is subject to the announcements on the official website.

6. Contact Info

Taipei Computer Association (TCA)
TEL: +886-2-2577-4249 ext.324 Ms. Sharlene Hung