GranDen – bringing AR/ Holograms to Homes with AliGala


GranDen Corp.

Booth No. G0244

GranDen is an XR focused startup established in 2017 whose main business is in AR, VR, MR (collectively known as XR), and their applications. GranDen’s team is composed of talents from Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia; many of whom have more than 7 years' experience in game development; including in games such as Monster Hunter, Yakuza, One Piece, Colopl Rune Story, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, and more.

According to the CEO, Dochin Lai, one of the main hurdles of VR is the headset necessary to run the content. Generally, as the device is bulky and unwieldy, many people who were originally interested in the application might be deterred instead. As far as XR goes, the market might be more inclined to adopt AR.

Currently, the main contents of XR are mostly entertainment based, such as video games and movies, but these are just the gateway to a wider adoption of XR. GranDen had started the development of AR apps for commercial use, combining a game to marketing. By utilizing games, people can be more accustomed to XR, which may encourage usage of XR.

Their first product is the VR Game "I'm Ready to Fly", which is showcased often as a demo content for VR devices. GranDen continuously improved their capabilities as an XR developer. By incorporating assets, IP, and concepts from "I'm Ready to Fly", they developed AliGala (a portmanteau of Alien and Galaxy) which will be debuted in InnoVEX 2018.

AliGala is a combination of AR app and Hologram which can be used for more than just entertainment purposes. By inserting the selected character on the phone to the AliGala marker, users can transform their AR experience into marker or hologram where their characters come to life. However this does not mean that AliGala will only be an entertainment focused product only. It will be launched in autumn with further developments along the way, including a social and business applications.

One of the planned development milestones of AliGala is the retail application which will enable retailers such as convenience stores, shopping centers, etc. to use AliGala in their promotional efforts. One of the ways this can happen is by having the AliGala characters notify the App users when there are news or to showing the users when there are special activities from the retailers.

AliGala will also be equipped with AI functions which will help them be more than just an entertainment system. It will be a combination of new retail, AI, Home IoT, and personal assistant in a single app and launcher.

In InnoVEX, GranDen will also bring their hologram launcher where visitors can try their AliGala in a large 120x120x50 cm 3D display. Visitors can play with the characters and take pictures with them which will be printed as a gift. This will also serve as a product demonstration for GranDen to show their capabilities. GranDen hopes that in the future AR, VR, and MR can have a more diverse purpose and will eventually be used for training simulation, education, museum, exhibition, event, publicity and any customized applications.

Visitors interested in XR can visit GranDen in the XR-EXPRESS Pavilion of InnoVEX, TWTC Hall 3 Booth G0244.

Trailer for AliGala:

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