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Announcing Taiwania Capital Innovation Award!


Attention all AI, IoT & biotech, medical material, and other technology related teams; this is your chance to shine! In addition to the Taiwan Tech Award, Taiwania Capital Management Corporation will give out USD 10,000 to one team with great potential in the InnoVEX Pitch Contest. As a VC firm investing in early stage companies, startups can get more than just the cash prize! Collaboration, investment, networking, partnership; are all possible!

Sign up for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest before the deadline of May 9!

Join the pitch contest here!

To know more about Taiwania Capital Management Corporation, visit their website.

InnoVEX 2019 Speakers

Steve Hsu's photo

Steve Hsu

General manager TXA Private Board

Jeff Karp's photo

Jeff Karp

Professor Harvard University

John Jorritsma's photo

John Jorritsma

Mayor Netherlands, Eindhoven


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Messages from InnoVEX 2019 Global Pavilion

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