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Carkit AI Inc.

CarKit AI is an AI-based company that develops AIoT mobility infortainment devices that keeps drivers safe and entertained. more

dp smart technology co., ltd.

Found by a group of enthusiasm and a legendary person who helps supporting hundreds of brand product worldwide in the digital imaging categories over last 18 years. dp smart technology is making his own legacy now call Rogy, a 360-degree camera with amazing features such as seamless hardware in-camera video/image stitching and instant live-streaming. We are providing 100% design, manufacturing and quality service from Taiwan. Now is the time! Buy Made in Taiwan. "dp smart – professionalism and passion."more

Future Sync Int'l Ltd.

IPBanks help inventors bring patents to exhibitors and media companies for free. The inventors will hand over the patents to us for authorized sales. Through the exhibition and briefing sessions, we will assist the inventors to promote the media. more


JARVISH’s goal is to create the world’s most advanced mass-market smart helmets, integrating 5G+AI+AR to seamlessly to connect people and technology for a safe, efficient and enjoyable experience. JARVISH is a growth-phase company, founded in 2014 and successfully launching its first product in 2017. JARVISH’s first product went into the consumer motorcycle helmet market, and based on that success, JARVSH now has a product roadmap that includes industrial, bicycle, law-enforcement and military smart helmets. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, but with a global presence, our JARVISH’s management team members has an average 20 years of industry experience. more


We are a computer vision AI company creating software solutions that enable products capture and utilize 3D and depth data. more

Midas Touch Solutions Inc.

Your Fingerprint is your key! Midas Touch has developed a smart lock to solve the problem that the key is easy to lose or forget the account password. Midas Touch is a startup that focuses on fingerprint technology. The product is capacitive fingerprint lock. The Fingerprint lock can be unlocked directly through the fingerprint reader on the device. In addition to reducing the risk of theft, the unlocking time can be greatly reduced. For those who travel frequently, it not only protects the safety of luggage, but also overcomes the problems of forgetting passwords and losing keys. more

OmniEyes Co., Ltd.

OmniEyes collects data through mobile devices, video analytics, and state of art AI technology. By connecting City/nationalwide mobile video, OmniEyes provides brand new applications and services for an all new solutions for both B2B and B2C. OmniEyes is recognized by the international industry/VC and won the CES 2019 Innovations Award. Currently, OmniEye's solution is a new generation fleet management system which will harness big data through street video. Through this solution, OmniEyes is also building a crowd-sharing street information platform for various applications such as ADAS system, digital map, autonomous vehicles, product marketing, smart city solutions for B2B, and real time street view, search engines, virtual guidance for B2C - all being the rising market opportunities. more

RT Stream International Co., Ltd.

Founded in October 2015, with expertise in the field of surveillance over 20 years. Our mission is to make the world safer and the fighters less risky. We focus on law enforcement & security solutions and the trend of smart city. RTS started off with the products of speed dome and recording body worn camera. In the wake of the trend of surveillance industry, the demand is changing.We are now specializing in live-streaming technology. All series of devices are equipped with the highest-performed Ambarella CPU and the highest-leveled Sony image sensor. We will carry on developing the best multi-functional products and service to our customers and collaborated partners. more

TMY Technology, Inc.

Founded in Taipei in 2014, TMYTEK focuses on the development of mmWave active and passive components and front-end transceiver systems and has successively received recognition from academic institutes and business partners internationally. In 2018, TMYTEK established the Taiwan Millimeter Wave Laboratory together with the instrument manufacturer Anritsu, also announced the very first 5G beamforming development kit, BBox, to help 5G communities to fast deploy and build up 5G solutions. TMYTEK continues to improve its research and development capabilities to provide customers with professional products and technical support in various fields. Product applications cover 5G small base stations, astronomical detection, military, automotive radar, and other related fields. more


Since VitalSigns' inception in 2016, the company has been at the forefront of physiological monitoring development. In the meanwhile, VitalSigns dedicates its know-how of measuring technology to extend the practical application in different fields like environmental monitoring. Focusing on innovations in these fields, VitalSigns continues to invest in research and development of the whole systems. The complete systems aim at improving healthcare quality and environmental quality for everyone through using high-precision device, IoT and big data analytics. And VitalSigns will not stop working until we reach the goal. more

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