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InnoVEX is a highly anticipated International Startup Exhibition you don't want to miss! Since 2016, as one of Asia's most prominent startup events, InnoVEX has been organized to offer the best global event experience and create the perfect atmosphere for Startups, VCs, and professionals to connect. Over 400 startups from 20+ countries attended InnoVEX yearly, making it a great networking opportunity. This year, startups from various countries, such as Japan, Brazil, Belgium, India, Canada, the United States, the Czech Republic, Australia, Germany, etc. are ready to showcase their techniques and possibilities overseas. There will be more countries to join and explore the business opportunities in InnoVEX 2024. Don't miss it!

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XR Market Value to Reach USD 350 Billion by 2030 as Vertical XR/MR Applications Open New Opportunities in 2024

Analyzing the trends for XR startups in InnoVEX over the years has shown that XR startups can shine when developing professional XR applications compared to conventional entertainment content. The resurgence of XR growth opens up more opportunities for international collaboration and allows global companies to leverage each other’s strengths. AR/VR can revolutionize how people work and interact with each other and the world. Whether through remote meetings or promoting remote work, virtual creation/ designing; AR/VR can facilitate better workflow and improve overall results.

TCA stated that XR applications require the integration of both hardware and software. As InnoVEX and COMPUTEX are held at the same time in the same venue, participating startups can not only use the organizer’s matchmaking system to find potential partners by participating in the matchmaking event, startups will have opportunities to connect with multiple VCs and CVCs to find investment for their business expansion.

Read the press release and check out the newest trends in XR as well as observations from the COMPUTEX/InnoVEX team in Japan:
InnoVEX, The Innovation Hub of ASIA

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