Pi Stage

2022 Taiwan Startup World Cup

May 24, 2022 13:00-15:30

Startup Pitch Contest

The 2022 Taiwan Startup World Cup (TSWC) is co-hosted by the Taiwan Industrial Technology Innovation Association (TINVA) and Pegasus Tech Venture. To mining Taiwan unicorns from TSWC and send them to the world is our mission of the event. Taiwan champion will earn the prize of 300,000 TWD, and get the chance to go to the US for Startup World Cup (SWC) competition on Sep. 30. The investment prize of 1 million USD will provide for the champion on final pitch. TINVA devoted to the inheritance of the spirit of entrepreneurs and succussing of Silicon Valley. We do hope to create the entrepreneurial ecosystem through TINVA's platform, and send the best Taiwan startups to the world, for having to have a brilliant contribution to the world.


Opening Remarks
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Pitch Session
Award Ceremony