2021 speaker

Ming-Yang Chih

Ming-Yang Chih


Ming-yang graduated from The Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, which has the strongest cryptographic laboratory in Taiwan. He also specializes in cryptographic systems, cloud technologies, and has long been concerned about information security protection

Major Experience:
-CEO of CHELPIS Co., Ltd.
-CTO of Sentri Labs Inc
-R&D Specialist of Quanta Computer Co., Ltd.

Ming-Yang works in new technology development over 10 years and joins over 20 advance products from Health care, Crypto, IoT, Blockchain. He has involved four startups as co-founder. He learns from the experiences to build up the leadership, business development, product management and build future. These knowledge base apply on Chelpis to develop many products.

CHELPIS was founded in 2017 to provide enterprise zero-trust identification and access management information security solutions. Our products can help companies protect important online and offline data and authority control.

Our products:
1. CELLWALL-CELLWALL takes the zero-trust architecture as the core to help companies protect important data in cloud services and control employee permissions.
2. Podrick Space Management System - Podrick apply high-security identity authentication, IoT technology and cloud services to helps client to build a modern workspace.
3. SecID 2FA identity authentication card -the card uses EAL6+ security chips and a standard password system to protect the important data in company.
4. KelvinWallet - Quantum proof wallet, the safest cold wallet on blockchain cryptocurrency. It can protect digital assets and cryptocurrencies.