InnoVEX 2019 Highlighted Exhibitor

NEWS topic Title 發布日期 2019-03-15 company LOGO from editor

Ideabus Technology Co.,Ltd

Booth No. A1209

Ideabus is a Taiwan based startup that focuses on LTPA (Leisure-Time Physical Activity) Training Solutions to help prevent the onset of dementia in senior citizens. Consisting of a series of apps and equipment including IoT devices; Ideabus’ products are co-developed with occupational therapist (OT) and connected to cloud systems for recording, tracing, and analyzing the training progress.

As the population in Asia continues to age, this solution will become a necessity to protect senior citizens from neurological damages. Their products include 3 different systems which focus on different aspects of the users:

  • SODA Lohas Cognitive Machine to improve reaction, attention and coordination

  • BrainRich Brain Training System as a specialized software developed as adjuvant treatment for elders with dementia risk

  • SPOZ Exercise Assisting System as a method to help promote a habit of exercising.

Their customers to date include well known hospitals, day care centers, foundations and associations in Taiwan. To find out more about Ideabus, visit their website, Facebook page or community page.