InnoVEX 2019 Highlighted Exhibitor

NEWS topic 發布日期 2019-03-25 company LOGO from editor

Maktar Inc.

Booth No. A1128

Maktar is a Taiwan based startups that provides iOS-centric applications and accessories. As an Apple-certified MFi developer, Maktar’s products are simple, functional, and compatible for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Established from 2014, Maktar started with the USB plug and play backup device, Piconizer which raised almost $65,000 from their $50,000 goal in Kickstarter.

Their current flagship product is Qubii; a tiny plug and play gadget that merges with Apple chargers to allow easy and convenient back up of photos, videos, contacts, and social media data. Combining hardware with app; the Qubii can backup multiple devices to a single microSD card and compatible with multiple types of iOS devices.

In InnoVEX 2019, Maktar will launch a new product which is sure to be another exciting innovation. Look forward to the launch!

For more information on Maktar, check out their video here or visit their website and Facebook page