InnoVEX 2019 Highlighted Exhibitor

NEWS topic 發布日期 2018-04-03 company LOGO from editor

Everduit Technology, Inc.

Booth No. A1116

Everduit is a drone startup based in USA with a R&D office in Taipei. They are focused on Drone-as-a-Service (DaaS) innovation & integration using cloud computing, edge computing & AIoT technologies with modern drones. Everduit offers B2B solutions to deploy Drones using proprietary Virtual Private Drone (VPD) system where the customers can summon & control a drone in automated & secure process.

With Everduit, everyone can use drones everywhere they go more conveniently; without needing to purchase their own. Everduit’s drone service can be used wherever the local authority on the premise approves and provides that drone as a service, in such an easy, secure, & automated way.

Visit their website for more details or checkout their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.