InnoVEX 2019 Highlighted Exhibitor

NEWS topic 發布日期 2018-05-14 company LOGO from editor

Ganzin Technology

Booth No. A1219

Ganzin is a Taiwan based AR/VR startup that focuses on AR/VR wearable hardware. Ganzin has ingeniously re-designed the necessary algorithms for a highly precise eye-tracking module, and as a result dramatically re-architected its form factor and power requirements.

The result is Aurora, an eye tracking module to expand the potential uses of eye tracking in user-interface design, marketing research, entertainment, medical research, training and education, as well as assistive technologies. Featuring Seamless integration, Go All-Day battery life, and Unbound Usage Scenarios; Aurora was selected as one of Reuters’ Best of CES 2019.

For more information on Ganzin, visit their website or Facebook page