1. Electricity: the participation fee includes the basic power voltage of 110V/500W, and does not include 220V.
  2. Each stand includes the structural decorations and basic equipment of the exhibition. The exhibitor cannot change the structure of the stand(s).
  3. It is strictly forbidden to close the panelboard, fire-fighting equipment, emergency door, air quality detector and any form of signs. Fire-fighting equipment, air quality detectors and emergency doors must not have any decoration or booth exhibits placed in front as it is considered a safety hazard. Any decoration placed in undesignated areas is considered a violation and the responsible parties may be penalized. The goods, materials or exhibits that block the front of the passenger or freight elevators and their passages will also be considered a violation and will need to be removed immediately. If not changed after receiving a notice, then the exhibition organizer will forcefully remove them. The removal costs will be borne by the responsible exhibitors.

Stand Basic Equipment List
1x Carpet (cannot request color) 1x Table
1x Company sign (black background with white text) 1x Electrical outlet(110V, 5A)
2x High chair 2x Spot Light (100W)
1x Trash can

Notice: the organizers reserve the right to amend the design of the booth. The final design will be announced during the pre-show briefing.