Demo-Pitching Competition Event

InnoVEX Matchmaking powered by TTA x AAN @May 30, 2019

This pitching competition provides an opportunity for startups to meet with international facilitators from AAN global partners. Each global partner will select the desired startup after 6 mins pitching. The startups who will connect with business opportunities with Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and French entrepreneurial eco-system are finalized. The list will be available soon.

When all startups finish the pitching, the global partners will select the favorite startup and meet in private. The global partners will lead the startup connecting the homeland market.

Global Partners:

  • Toshihiro Kishihara / CEO / Startup GoGo / Japan
  • Kiki Wang / Associate Director / HKSTP / Hong Kong
  • Ada Lau / Senior Specialist / HKSTP/ Hong Kong
  • Andrew Tan / Founder / TinkBig Venture / Malaysia
  • Katrina Rausa Chan / Executive Director / QBO Innovation Hub / Philippines
  • Adrien Malguy / Startup Program Manager / Schoolab / France
  • The event rundown is as follows:

    To join in the session, access to the InnoVEX Showgrounds is necessary. Get your entry badge here

    The InnoVEX Matchmaking powered by TTA x AAN is open for public and everyone is invited to join! Save your seat here.