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Register Now for Exclusive Opportunities, including Night Party, Pitch Contest, Matchmaking Events, and Enjoy 8 Months of Free Online Exhibition!

✔Matchmaking Opportunities
InnoVEX 2024 will provide a matchmaking system to help exhibiting startups connect with potential customers, investors, partners, and buyers in pre-scheduled meetings both onsite during the event and online. Finalists of the InnoVEX Pitch Contest would have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one matchmaking with domestic and international investors.

✔InnoVEX Pitch Contest
EXCLUSIVE FOR InnoVEX EXHIBITORS ONLY! With prizes and chances for direct promotion to the VC judges and onsite participants, the InnoVEX Pitch Contest registration starts until May 13th! Apply Today >> https://innovex.computex.biz/show/pitch.aspx

✔Night Party
An opportunity to develop meaningful connections with VIP guests and other startups, including international VCs, government representatives, keynote speakers, pitch contest judges, and more. Check out the 2023 night party: https://innovex.computex.biz/show/photolist.aspx

✔Free Online Exhibition
InnoVEX provides an 8-month free online exhibition for all the exhibitors to engage potential customers and expand their business base and market reach worldwide anytime, anywhere. Check the page and see exhibitors in 2023: https://innovex.computex.biz/online/entrance.aspx

✔Social Media Promotion
InnoVEX participants will have the opportunity to showcase their products or solutions on our digital channels for free advertising through InnoVEX social media, e-newsletters, and more.

InnoVEX provides a unique platform for exhibiting startups to connect with potential partners, venture capitalists (VCs), corporate venture capitalists (CVCs), buyers, and media channels from around the globe.

Join InnoVEX 2024 Today! >>> https://bit.ly/InnoVEX2024
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