Registration Information

Registration Process

To exhibit at InnoVEX, please fill out the application form at InnoVEX website with required information. Our staff will review your application for eligibility; after the review, you will receive the payment and booth selection notice within approximately 3-5 days.

Pavilion Organizers

Parties who are interested in applying for a pavilion, which includes multiple sub-exhibitors in a localized section of the exhibition, must fill out the application online in order to be eligible. After the registration has been verified, the pavilion organizer will be able to access an exclusive link to be used to invite the sub-exhibitors. The sub-exhibitors will need to complete their individual registration to be included in the exhibitor list and participate in the Pitch Contest.

Online Registration Procedure

Register My InnoVEX

Every exhibitor is required to create a My InnoVEX account to start their registration process; including booth registration, Pitch Contest registration, application forms download, etc. Past exhibitors must also create a new account.

Read the exhibit regulations

The regulations include information about exhibitors’ restrictions, type and cost of booth, and the exhibitors' rights and responsibilities. Exhibitors are expected to read and follow the regulations carefully before registering and confirm their agreement to the regulations.

Fill out company information

Please fill out the company and product information for verification purposes. The company information will not be publicly available at this stage. The exhibitor will be notified in April to update the basic information online to provide upon the buyers’ requests.

Exhibitor verification

Exhibitors will be reviewed by the year of company establishment and product category. Qualified exhibitor will be informed about any further exhibiting process requirements by the organizer. If there are no more booth spaces available, the applicant will be informed to stay on the waiting list.