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iPreg sperm sorting chip

Reasons for male infertility point to the difficulty in getting healthy sperms. The R & D team of iPreg has developed a sperm sorting chip to collect the healthy sperms before in vitro fertilization therapy. When using the iPreg Sperm Sorting Chip, the healthy sperm can be easily separated under simple procedures without any additional instruments. The ratio of progressive sperm will increase to 90% within 15 minutes of the chip operation. With the iPreg Sperm Sorting Chip, we expect to increase the purity and quality of the progressive sperm and further improve the infertility rate of IVF therapy.

Company Description

iPreg Incorporation is a manufacturer of biomedical device focusing on reproductive medicine. Established in 2018, we researched the human sperm swimming mode and found that there is a discernable difference in the swimming ability between healthy and abnormal sperm. Therefore, "iPreg sperm sorting chip" was invented." The global population of infertility is about 15%. "iPreg sperm sorting chip" can increase the healthy sperm ratio to 95% in 10 minutes, Giving advantages of safety, highly recovery and efficiency, which can facilitate IVF in the key step of sperm screening, further improve the success rate of assisted reproduction.

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