2024 Speakers

 Andrea Hsu's photo

Andrea Hsu

National Science and Technology Council

 Jiun-In Guo's photo

Jiun-In Guo

eNeural Technologies, Inc.

 Paul Chen's photo

Paul Chen

Cascade Capital Management Partners

 Yu-Te Wu's photo

Yu-Te Wu

Altewan BioMedical Technology Inc.

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Albert Liu


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Aldous Ng

CU Coding Limited

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Aleh Osas


Alex Chuang's photo

Alex Chuang

Strong & Wise Material Tech Co., LTD.

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Alex Lee

Quantum International Corp (QIC)

Alex Yeh 's photo

Alex Yeh

GMI Cloud

Amanda Liu 's photo

Amanda Liu

Startup island TAIWAN Branding Office

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Andrew Willems

AWIT Consulting

Anita Chen's photo

Anita Chen

Startup Terrace

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Anthony Lin


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Avril Wu

TrendForce Corp

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Bryan Chu

Ohmplus Technology Inc.

Carlo Donzella  's photo

Carlo Donzella

exida Development SRL (collaboration with TÜV NORD and SAFEXPLAIN Project)

Chen, RuFen's photo

Chen, RuFen

Sustainable Impact Capital Co., Ltd.

Chia-Wen Chen's photo

Chia-Wen Chen

Chunghwa Senior Care Co., Ltd.

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Christopher Cuong T. Nguyen

Aitomatic, Inc.

Daniel Ha's photo

Daniel Ha

Talent Taiwan

Da-Shan Shiu 's photo

Da-Shan Shiu

MediaTek Research

Don Chan's photo

Don Chan

Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

Doris Wu's photo

Doris Wu

Flanders Investment & Trade

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Dr Hank CY Huang

National Yanming Chiaotung University

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Dr. Chi-Hung Lin

National Yanming Chiaotung University

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Elias Ek


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Frank C. Huang

Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Association

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Gani Uzbekov


Hamid Arabzadeh 's photo

Hamid Arabzadeh

RANOVUS Inc. (Canada)

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Harry Lin

Google Taiwan

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Hikari Senju


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Jari Vaario

Nokia Technologies

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Jason Loh

Piece Future

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jason warren


Jeff Tsai's photo

Jeff Tsai

eYs3D Microelectronics Co.

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Jenwei Liang

MediaTek Inc.

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Jerry Chen


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Jerry Wang


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Jerry Yang


John Chang's photo

John Chang

Jmem Tek

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John K. Zao


John Wu's photo

John Wu

Sunplus Technologies, Inc.

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Jungmin Joo


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Karthi Madhavan

Tata Consultancy Services

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Katrin Calledo


Leo Wu's photo

Leo Wu

Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub

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Liang-Kung Chen

Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital

Lim Jew Pean's photo

Lim Jew Pean

Engage Nova Pte. Ltd.

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Makoto Morikawa

MONET Technologies Inc.

Margarita Peker's photo

Margarita Peker

Uber Taiwan

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Mark Lin


Mark Liu's photo

Mark Liu

TrendForce Corp

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Matthieu Branders

Belgium Office Taipei

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Maxime Gravet


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Michael Hsia

WiAdvance Technology Corporation

Michael Lin's photo

Michael Lin

Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy, IAPS

Monther Fadel's photo

Monther Fadel


Mr. Yao-Tung (Shake) Chang's photo

Mr. Yao-Tung (Shake) Chang

Luceda Photonics

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Nicky Lu

AITA/Etron Technology, Inc.




Niven Huang's photo

Niven Huang

KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., Ltd. in Taiwan

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Noel Chan

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Nuri Cankaya

Intel Corporation

Pascal De Vincenzo's photo

Pascal De Vincenzo

Open Engineering

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Wallonia Export-Investment Agency

Rabih El Chaar's photo

Rabih El Chaar

Nadeera Technologies LTD

Ray Cheng 's photo

Ray Cheng

Millennium New Horizons

Raymond Chik's photo

Raymond Chik

Untether AI

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Ryoji Nishimura


Sengmeng Koo 's photo

Sengmeng Koo

AI Singapore®

Shih-Chieh Chang's photo

Shih-Chieh Chang


Shri Sanjiv's photo

Shri Sanjiv


Takeshi Fuse's photo

Takeshi Fuse

Renesas Electronics Corporation

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Thiam-Soon Gan

Lilium GmbH

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m' AI Touch Technology Co.

Tzong-Chyuan Chen's photo

Tzong-Chyuan Chen

National Science and Technology Council

Victor Tang's photo

Victor Tang

BlueOcean Vision

Volker Heistermann's photo

Volker Heistermann

Mosaic Venture Lab

Wei Ning Shen's photo

Wei Ning Shen

MediaTek Capital

Wei-Chen Chiu's photo

Wei-Chen Chiu

Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)

Wim Van Thillo's photo

Wim Van Thillo


Yerzhan Ryskaliyev's photo

Yerzhan Ryskaliyev


Yoshinori Nakagawa's photo

Yoshinori Nakagawa