How to Exhibit


Register as an Exhibitor at My InnoVEX

All InnoVEX exhibitors registration processes will be done through My InnoVEX, including registration for booths, pitch contest, online exhibition, etc. The InnoVEX 2024 exhibitor registration will start on September 18 (GMT+8). All applicants must first register for their My InnoVEX account before logging in and entering their company information and exhibiting requirements, submitting the application and completing the payment processes. The InnoVEX team will review the documents and information provided before notifying the corresponding startups individually.

InnoVEX 2024 Exhibition Rules & RegulationsRegister My InnoVEX Account


Individual Exhibitor

The exhibition is open to ICT related startups founded after January 1, 2016. After the registered startups are verified as exhibitors of InnoVEX 2024, they can apply to the InnoVEX Pitch Contest to win prizes and exposure.



Relevant legal entities that support startup industries can apply to organize a pavilion and gather multiple startup teams to participate in the exhibition. The number of startups that can co-exhibit in the pavilion is limited by the number of booths applied for, with a maximum of 3 startups per booth or stand.

After completing the My InnoVEX registration, the pavilion organizer will receive a pavilion code, which must be provided to the co-exhibiting startups to log in and fill in the exhibition information. Only after each startup of the pavilion has completed the registration of their exhibition information can they be exposed on the InnoVEX website and promotional materials, and be eligible to register for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest.



Our online platform helps startups to connect with global partners at anytime, anywhere. The exhibitors could post their innovative technologies and solutions online and receive directly contacts through the website. During the publication period, the exhibitors can log in to My InnoVEX at any time to update the online exhibition information.

The exhibitors of InnoVEX 2024 will receive a 8-months free online exhibition, starting from May 1st to December 31st, 2024. The exhibitor could fill in the online page information when registering the booth and may edit the content via My InnoVEX at any time.

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