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Climbing inspection robot

At present, rust removal of storage tanks mostly rely on scaffolding, which traditionally relies on manpower, has no scientific basis for acceptance, and has low scheduling efficiency, which cannot meet the needs of owners. Water jet scraping, spraying, and film thickness measurement are important indicators for industrial safety inspection of petrochemical barrels. In view of this, this project intends to combine the robotics, artificial intelligence research to solve the problems of long construction scaffolding time, difficult evaluation of painting projects, and excessive painting with AI vision and process prediction spraying robots. During the plan period, application scenario testing and verification will be carried out in the demonstration field and will gradually expand to the petrochemical industry at home and abroad.

Professional Agriculture Drone DX16's photo

Professional Agriculture Drone DX16

Advanced equipment Millimeter wave radar! Realize real-time all-terrain flight adjustment, maintaining an appropriate altitude above the water surface. Smart spreading & Double large-diameter inlets:Unlike uneven manual distribution, auto spreading system makes operation more efficient and precise. The front and rear two large-diameter clamshell-design inlets enable tank filling without a funnel, greatly improving efficiency. The drone is able to carry 22 kg of fish feed, suitable for feed distribution of outdoor aquaculture. It costs only 1 to 2 operators about 1 hour to finish filling the tank with feed and the distribution over 1 ha of a fish farm; the time and manpower are greatly saved compared with the traditional feeding by boat.

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Company Description

Droxo is the direct agent of foreign drone company and also provides self-made UAVs, unlike the common agricultural drone retailers on the market which import drones from other countries; thus, the patented technology is not monopolized by upstream manufacturers.
Most domestic manufacturers focus on agriculture and topographic mapping which is relatively monotonic. In contrast, UAS of Droxo has a wide range of applications and intriguingly diversified development.

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