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FUNTEK Software Inc.


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PinChat - Live Chat for Buyer & Seller

PinChat allows buyers and sellers to chat online directly. They can quickly enter the business chat without additionally downloading any app or adding friends. By January 2022, PinChat gains users from 24 countries, including banking, insurance, convenience stores, restaurants, beverage stores, online exhibitions, tourism, drugstore retail and other industries have been introduced. PinChat is the official online chat provider for InnoVEX & COMPUTEX Online Expo 2021.

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IMKIT enables enterprises or businesses to quickly import instant messaging capabilities into an app or website, and as of January 2022 has accumulated over 1 million mobile devices with an app that includes the IMKIT SDK. Customers include KoKo, Accupass, YourChance Pharmacy, TK3C Tsankun, etc.

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Company Description

FUNTEK Software Inc. was founded in 2013 in Taiwan as a software company dedicated to developing SDK (Software Development Kit) and providing user interaction solutions. Our products aim to be easy-to-use and highly applicable to various industries, helping customers build up and upgrade the way they use instant messaging in the business world and deepen user relationships. Our core products include the IMKIT SDK (Instant Messaging Development Kit) & PinChat (Embedded Instant Messaging Service).

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