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MEGA1 Company Limited

Taiwan │ InnoVEX 2023  Q0909


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EzARGO AR Display

EzARGO, a cutting-edge near-eye AR display designed for remote support. Using LCoS display technology, this device offers a range of features including: ‧Monocular design, you can stay aware of your surroundings while still viewing the AR image. ‧Plug-and-Play functionality, it's incredibly easy to use on both iOS and Android smartphone. ‧Lightweight and high brightness up to MAX 2,000 nits. ‧Two types of resolutions to choose from, including 720P and 1080P.

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LBS AR Display Module

MEGAONE is a leading provider of LBS modules and has developed a highly advanced optical engine that is incredibly small, with a size of only 1.2cc. This LBS optical engine offers a range of benefits, including ‧Compact size ‧Low power consumption, ‧High brightness, ‧Free focus capabilities, ‧The ability to project images directly onto the retina. Thanks to these impressive features, LBS is set to become one of the most popular display solutions for AR products. MEGAONE is also highly versatile and can use a range of different laser diodes to build the LBS optical engine, ensuring that they can meet the specific needs of their diverse range of customers.

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Company Description

MEGAONE is a leading designer and manufacturer of micro optical engines especially for AR applications. Our company has a team of optical technical experts in Japan, as well as an EE design team in Taiwan, with a focus on both LCoS and LBS display solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to handle the entire process of designing and manufacturing in-house.

Furthermore, recognizing the market's lack of suitable optical waveguide components, MEGAONE is developing own HOE waveguides suitable for LBS and other optical solutions. MEGAONE also also offers customization services for optical engines and HOE waveguides. For more information, please visit

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