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VEYOND Reality Co., Ltd.

Taiwan │ InnoVEX 2023  Q1018


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"My friend is kind of weird!?"

VR interactive software that helps students to understand how to turn down the invitation of abusing drugs. The software was honorably awarded by Kaohsiung City Government. Through the immersive experience provided by the software and VR headset, students can learn in virtual scenes that teachers mentioned during class where people might invite you to abusing drugs.

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Company Description

Founded in 2016, VEYOND Reality has invested plenty of resources in the development of VR,AR,MR simulation for education and training. We have developed a flagship product which is a virtual lab software to assist while teaching. The virtual lab covers 32 experiment chapters and 344 knowledges in physics and chemistry experiments. It not only solves the problem of wasting experimental resources, but also provides students a safe and advanced digital environments to learn.

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