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Kebbi Air S

Kebbi is an AI-powered social robot which creates an interactive learning and joyful experience for children. Kebbi Air focus on STEAM and English education program. Equipped with a computer monitor screen, Kebbi displays learning materials, videos, and games, and further brings heartwarmingly interactive innovation to young children. The robot has built in contents for game based learning which transforms learning to be an enjoyable experience to children. NUWA believes that Kebbi can a teacher’s assistant and children's playmate.

Robot Creator

Meet the all-new robot creator, this is the robot kits for robot lovers. Robot Creator allows customers to assemble the hardware. The package comes with a set of Biz Tools for people to paint Kebbi, create their own facial expressions, and dialogue. The Biz Tool is a variety of robot development tools that users can create expressions, dialogues and actions by themselves. For the advanced users, they can also use graphical programming tools to link with micro:bit and Arduino to create IoT functional applications.

Company Description

NUWA Robotics provides an AI-powered social robot and development platform to create an interactive learning and playing experience for kids.
Our company is specialized in integration of hardware and software solution. To dates, we have solver over 10,000 robots in Taiwan, Japan and Korea since the robot launched in Dec 2019. There are more than 600 schools in Taiwan are using our robot for STEAM and Language education in classrooms.

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