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Neteera 130

A unique microsensor, consisting of radar-on-chip and proprietary algorithms. The compact device (6 x 8.2 cm) operates at very high frequency (116 GHz-123 GHz) and senses micro-skin displacements through clothing and from a distance. These are then interpreted into vital signs and other behavioural indicators by our algorithm and serve to assess the subject's physiological status. The microsensor can be used while the patient is in a sitting, standing, or lying position. Data is uploaded to Neteera's HIPAA and GDPR-compliant cloud to be accessed through any computer, tablet, or mobile device by the caregiver enabling further analysis. Data is viewed continuously for a more supervised approach, or at intervals for spot-checking the patient. Neteera's technology is non-vision based (no cameras) and we ensure that all information obtained is completely anonymized, thereby providing ultimate privacy.

Company Description

Neteera is disrupting digital health with a new and innovative AI-powered sensing platform that accurately monitors cardiovascular, pulmonary and behavioral parameters from a distance, without contact and through clothing. Sensing is seamless without any need for patient or caregiver engagement. Collected data is stored in the Neteera HIPAA & GDPR compliant cloud for further analysis, EMR/EHR integration and future decision support mechanisms. Clinically validated with FDA 510(k) Class II exemption, 510(k) Class II clearance planned for 2021.

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