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PD Care

Include a portable device and the software. Device can shorten the dialysis operation time by half, data auto-record and assist for peritonitis detection at the early stage. A data management platform which enable medical staff to achieve real-time access to patients' dialysis status.

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UpperMed is dedicated to improving the quality of life for dialysis patients. Nowadays, traditional in-centre dialysis treatment increased the incidence rate of Covid-19 due to frequent return to the hospitals. According to the statistics, dialysis patients have 10 times incidence rate and 15 times mortality rate compared with others. As one of the most vulnerable group, governments have to provide an applicable home dialysis solution to patients. Peritoneal dialysis, or we call PD, is the major home dialysis modality. Traditional way to do PD is time-consuming, site-specific and labor intensive for manual data record.

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