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Consider the increasing number of single-living households. If any accidents happen at home, the risk of delaying rescue is very high. Hence, our team designs a telemedicine system to solve this kind of issue. Cameras are installed in several areas of the house, which will detect whether a fall accident has taken place with our machine learning algorithms. We can monitor the heart rate through the smart wearable device as an auxiliary judgment. When a fall accident has occurred, the homecare robot or indoor drone will move to the site and check the situation. Real-time images and emergency messages are broadcast to family members and medical institutions through communication software. Our system can help to provide immediate rescue in an emergency event.

Self-organizing network architecture

With the development of technology, WiFi devices are almost in every household. However, the WiFi signal is usually affected by the partition of the wall or other factors, which leads to an unstable network environment. Our team designed a multi-hop media streaming system to solve the problem, devices can transmit data well in any area of the house. Even if the network is unstable or the coverage is incomplete, devices will find nearby devices for data transfer.

Multi-camera joint image recognition

The furnishings in the home may cause obstruction or camera field of view problems, resulting make a wrong judgment. Therefore, we adopt a multi-camera joint method to detect fall events with different viewing angles. Each device has an estimation mechanism and can share the judgment result with neighboring devices to improve detection accuracy. Besides, to reduce the risk of delay in rescue, we consider transmission method adopts QUIC protocol (Quick UDP Internet Connections), which can reduce the connection time and transmission delay, the user will have the opportunity to be assisted in the shortest time.

Company Description

Our team consists of graduate students with a background in communication engineering at the National Central University. We are an excellent innovation team at the University. Since 2019, We have developed a novel smart home care technology characterized by self-organized networking, fall detection, physiological data collection, and emerging message broadcasting services. The system will dispatch home robots or indoor drones to move to the site and investigate the situation when a fall accident has occurred, also will send warning messages to family members or medical institutions, the user will have the opportunity to get an immediate rescue in the shortest possible time.

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