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Coolso Technology

Taiwan │ InnoVEX 2023  Q0524


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Gesture Control Solution

Our software solution enables detail gesture control function on smartwatch, wearables and XR devices and allows users to interact with digital contents intuitively. Asa sotware solution we use only the built-in IMU motion sensor in smartwatch and wristband to detect muscle signal and does not require any specialized hardware. This makes us far mor flexible and scalable than any other competitors on the market as we can easily integrate with other systems using our SDK.

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Company Description

Coolso develops Human Computer Interface solution using self-owned unique patented muscle bio signal technology. We provide a reliable and flexible gesture recognition software solution which allows user to easily control interactive content or electronics with bare hands by detecting hand muscle movement. We use existing motion sensor already used in smartwatch and wristband to detect gestures and does not requires any special hardware. This solution is flexible and scalable and can be easily deployed and integrated with various devices to enable gesture control with minimum extra cost. Our field of application includes XR, Wearables, IoT and Gaming

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