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Sharing contacts:To whom can we show your contact info? (公開聯絡資訊)
Investors (投資者)     Exhibitors (參展商)     Speakers (演講者)   
What themes at InnoVEX are you interested in? (請選擇您有興趣的主題) *
AI (人工智慧) AR/VR (擴增實境/虛擬實境) Big Data & Cloud (大數據與雲端)
CleanTech (潔能科技) Cyber Security (行動安全) Drones (無人機) Education (教育)
FinTech (智慧金融科技) Gaming & Entertainment (遊戲與娛樂) Health Tech (健康科技)
IoT (物聯網) Mobile (行動通訊)
Mobility (Connected car, Unmanned vehicles) (智慧移動:車聯網與無人車等)
Robotics (機器人) Sharing Economy (共享經濟)
Social Media & Communication (社群媒體與傳播) Wearable Technology (穿戴式科技)
Others (其他)
Messages to InnoVEX Organizing Team(對InnoVEX的建議)
(Max 300 words)(300字以內)

To comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and the personal information management regulations of the organizer of the event, we will explain how the organizer collects, processes and uses your personal information and the scope of these actions before you provide us with your information:

1. The purpose of collecting your personal information is to provide the organizer with a way to contact you through phone, email and other means of communication when handling affairs related to 2017-2021 exhibitions or trade promotions, and for internal management use.
2. The personal information you provide will only be used within the scope of the above-mentioned purposes and will terminate when such purposes end.
3. According to the Personal Information Protection Act, Article 3, you have the right to make enquiries, and to request for a review or make duplications of, add supplement or make corrections to, and delete or discontinue the collection/processing/use of your personal information. If you would like to exercise the aforementioned rights, please contact the Taipei Computer Association during office hours at

I am informed of the above-mentioned matters and I give the organizer permission to collect, process and use my personal information in conformity to and within the scope of the specific purposes of collection. This agreement complies with the Personal Information Protection Act and the requirements of related laws, and will be kept by the organizer for future verification purposes.


一、 蒐集目的係為提供主辦單位2017-2021年度辦理展覽或貿易推廣相關活動,透過電話、郵件等通訊方式與提供資料之個人聯繫接洽及內部管理使用。
二、 您提供的個人資料,僅供主辦單位於上述蒐集目的範圍內加以利用至前述蒐集目的消失時為止。
三、 依據個人資料保護法第3條規定,您可向主辦單位請求查詢或閱覽、製給複本、補充或更正、停止蒐集/處理/利用或刪除您的個人資料。如欲行使前述權利,請於上班時間聯繫台北市電腦公會