PARKS Innovation Showcase – Japan Kyushu&Okinawa Startups & University Tech-Seeds

May 31, 2023 13:00-15:00

InnoVEX Pi Stage

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PARKS is a startup ecosystem platform connecting the Kyushu-Okinawa region and Asia, consisting of 18 universities and 1 venture capital firm. The PARKS Innovation Showcase will feature pitches by seven university tech-seeds and four startups. The vision of PARKS and its activities will also be presented. Those interested in the global commercialization of university tech-seeds and collaboration with startups in the Kyushu-Okinawa region are invited to attend this forum.


13:00 - 13:20 Remark
Opening Remarks -Vision and Activities of PARKS
Yukiko KamijoAdvanced Research and Social Cooperation Headquarters, Specially Appointed Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology
13:20 - 13:28 Demo Pitch
University Tech-seed pitch 1
Yasufumi EnamiProfessor, Nagasaki University
13:28 - 13:36 Demo Pitch
University Tech-seed pitch 2
Yoshimasa TanakaDirector of Center for Medical Innovation, Nagasaki University
13:36 - 13:44 Demo Pitch
University Tech-seed pitch 3
Akihiro SuzukiPost-doctoral fellow, Kyushu Institute of Technology
13:44 - 13:52 Demo Pitch
University Tech-seed pitch 4
Takayuki KawaiAssociate Professor, Kyushu University
13:52 - 14:00 Demo Pitch
University Tech-seed pitch 5
Luke TakeuchiBusiness Producer, The University of Kitakyushu
14:00 - 14:08 Demo Pitch
University Tech-seed pitch 6
Shoji MoriProfessor, Kyushu University
14:08 - 14:16 Demo Pitch
University Tech-seed pitch 7
Koichi NakayamaAssociate Professor, Saga University
14:16 - 14:24 Demo Pitch
Startup pitch 1
Kiyono YoshikuniCCO, Osaka Heat Cool Inc.
14:24 - 14:32 Demo Pitch
Startup pitch 2
Shuichi IshidaCEO, TriOrb Inc.
14:32 - 14:40 Demo Pitch
Startup pitch 3
14:40 - 14:48 Demo Pitch
Startup pitch 4
Hiroaki MatsuokaCEO, REVORN Co., Ltd.
14:48 - 15:00 Ending
Q&A / Closing


Akihiro Suzuki's photo

Akihiro Suzuki

Kyushu Institute of Technology

Hiroaki Matsuoka's photo

Hiroaki Matsuoka

REVORN Co., Ltd.




Kiyono Yoshikuni's photo

Kiyono Yoshikuni

Osaka Heat Cool Inc.

Koichi Nakayama's photo

Koichi Nakayama

Saga University

Luke Takeuchi's photo

Luke Takeuchi

The University of Kitakyushu

Shoji Mori's photo

Shoji Mori

Kyushu University

Shuichi Ishida's photo

Shuichi Ishida

TriOrb Inc.

Takayuki Kawai's photo

Takayuki Kawai

Kyushu University

Yasufumi Enami's photo

Yasufumi Enami

Nagasaki University

Yoshimasa Tanaka's photo

Yoshimasa Tanaka

Nagasaki University

Yukiko Kamijo's photo

Yukiko Kamijo

Kyushu Institute of Technology