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May 30, 2023 15:00-17:30 click to share

InnoVEX Center Stage

Welcome to the TTA Global Forum in InnoVEX 2023, where we invite the world’s top investors and startup ecosystem map and research center to share their experiences in contributing to the success and growth of entrepreneurship.
Exploring the Competitiveness of Generative AI
●Under the new wave of advancements in Generative AI algorithms, major players such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, and NVIDIA are leading the development of advanced generative models. These models are being applied in industries like healthcare, marketing, and entertainment, enabling the generation of realistic medical images, personalized advertisements, and original music and artwork, among others. As Generative AI continues to evolve, we can expect significant impact and exciting innovations across various fields.
●We are delighted to have Julie Mathis, General Manager & Vice President of Tenstorrent, a unicorn startup in AI software and chip development, share her insights on this topic. We have also invited Andrew Liu, Senior Scientist at NVIDIA, TTA Black Card members Kai Huang, Jameson Hsu, and Phil Chen to join the discussion. Together, they will explore the transformative impact and trends of Generative AI across various industries, providing valuable insights and strategies for connecting research-based startups with the global industry.


14:30 - 15:00 Registration
15:00 - 15:03 Opening
15:03 - 15:07 Remark
Opening Remarks: Mr. Kuang-Hung Lin Chief Secretary of National Science and Technology Council (NSTC)
15:07 - 15:10 Group Photo
Group Photo
15:10 - 15:55 Keynote
Keynote: Exploring the Competitiveness of Generative AI / Julie Mathis, General Manager and Vice President, Tenstorrent Inc
Julie Mathis General Manger & Vice President, Tenstorrent Inc.
15:55 - 17:00 Panel
Panel Discussion: The generative AI - Transforming the various industries
Jameson HsuCo-founder, Mochi Media
Kai HuangCo-founder, Guitar Hero
Ming-yu LiuSenior Director of Research, NVIDIA
Phil ChenFounding Partner, Race Capital.
17:00 - 17:30 Matchmaking