MOST GLORIA Unites Industries And Universities To Bring World-Class Innovation


Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA), launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology, invites 15 alliances to participate in COMPUTEX TAIPEI, in which advanced technologies and services are demonstrated by the alliances. The Minister of Science and Technology, Chen Liang-gee, representatives of the 15 alliances, and guests from the global enterprises will participate in the signing press conference today (June. 6th). On the same day, GLORIA also presents Innovative A.I. Applications & Practices Forum at InnoVEX, where the newest trends and applications of AI are discussed.

To promote cooperation between universities & top enterprises worldwide and increase the value of their research, the Ministry of Science and Technology has been investing billions of dollars to launch the Global Research & Industry Alliance Project since 2017. Fifteen universities have received grants from MOST to focus on developing technologies in various fields. The alliances also aim to seek potential partners from the industry to further enhance their competiveness as a group and create an innovative technological ecosystem in Taiwan. There are now 74 famous enterprises joining GLORIA. Overseas promotion bases are also established in the US, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Cross-alliance and cross-industry cooperation will also be promoted.

Minister Chen Liang-gee said that, holding the belief of “Small Country, Big Strategy”, GLORIA employs the “Select and Focus” strategy to choose the most prospective fields and advanced technologies to focus on. It is also GLORIA’s aim to find the right partners to unite businesses and industries.

The signing press conference invites twelve prestigious companies to participate, including IBM, Kneron, Netlink, Microsoft, Thomson Reuters, Quanta Computer, Qisda, JHBiotech, Wah Hong Industrial, Rimbunan Hijau Group, ASE, and Delta. This event announces the cooperation between GLORIA and international enterprises to fight for better future. To increase the value of academic research, international members are required to pay membership fee of at least USD 30,000, and customized services are made by each alliance to their industrial members. For instance, National Chiao Tung University provides Kneron, its international member, with services including wafer design, Tool/IP financing, tape-out, resources offering, talents recruiting, etc. National Chung Hsing University offers JHBiotech, its international member, with the latest biological agent technology for product development, and an overseas base is also established in Northern America to assist members to carry out business-marketing overseas.

Among the 15 alliances, many of them have been developing AI-related technologies and applications, and an Innovative A.I. Applications & Practices Forum is held by GLORIA at InnoVEX today. In this forum, four conferences will be presented by National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, National Chiao Tung University, Taipei Medical University, and National Chengchi University. Topics of these conference include AI Is the Driver for Innovation, Best Practices to Get Started with Enterprise AI, Innovative A.I. Application & Practice, and AI in Fintech, which are given by speakers from Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, IBM, Appier, ImmerVision, Insilico, Graphen, etc. Minister Chen Liang-gee points out that since the development of AI-related technologies has become an important direction in Taiwan, MOST has planned AI Research Strategy to build a better environment for AI research. Through AI Server Development, AIRMOST, Semiconductor Moonshot Project, AI Robot Innovation Base, and Formosa Grand Challenge, MOST wants to bring along industry investment and applications to enhance Taiwan’s competitiveness in the field of AI.

MOST GLORIA will continue to focus on specific fields and seek the right partners to form powerful alliance to create an innovative industry-university ecosystem in Taiwan.