InnoVEX 2018 Starts Today!


Today, the “Innovation Hub of Asia”, InnoVEX 2018 finally starts. This year, InnoVEX will host 388 startups from 21 countries, over 60 speaker, and more than 200 global investors joining. InnoVEX will hold exhibitions, matchmaking sessions, team demos, and a pitch contest with a USD 350,000 prize pool.

The opening ceremony began with the Zhongzheng Junior High School Orchestra and was joined by many representatives from the Taiwan government as a way to show their support.

During the opening ceremony, Premier Lai held the opening remarks. He stated that the Taiwan government is actively developing a good environment for startups in funding, taxes, and testing by implementing new policies and laws. He believes that with a cooperation between the government and industries, InnoVEX can more easily grow and help startups to develop innovative solutions in industry 4.0, IoT, AI, cloud computing, autonomous cars, and more; to apply them in daily life.

One of the organizers of InnoVEX, Taipei Computer Association stated that the top 5 industries of this year's startups are: IoT, AI, Health & Biotech, AR/VR, and Big Data & Cloud Services. The forums, which are an integral part of InnoVEX, will be held in the Center Stage, covering the topics of: AI, Blockchain, Future Mobility, Gaming, Startup Ecosystem, and Women Entrepreneurship. The organizers expect to have more than 18,000 visitors to this year's InnoVEX.

For reference purposes, the VIPs who joined the opening ceremony are:
1. Chairman of Taipei Computer Association, Mr. T.H. Tung,
2. Chairman of Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Mr. C.F. Huang,
3. Vice President of Sales and Marketing of BMW Pan German Motors, Ms. Rebecca Lee,
4. Mayor of Eindhoven, Mr. John Jorritsma,
5. Director General of Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Chih Ching Yang,
6. Director General of the Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration & Science Park Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Chyou-Huey Chiou,
7. Director General of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Mr. Ming Ji Wu,
8. Legislator of Legislative Yuan, Mr. Wen Chih Yao,
9. Legislator of Legislative Yuan, Ms. Wan Ju Yu,
10. Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan city government, Mr. Ming De Wang,
11. Mayor of Taipei City Government, Mr. Wen Je Ko,
12. Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr. Liang Gee Chen,
13. Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Jong Chin Shen,
14. Minister without Portfolio & Concurrently Spokesperson of Executive Yuan, Mr. Kuo Yung Hsu,
15. Minister without Portfolio & Concurrently Minister of National Development Council, Ms. Mei-ling Chen.