InnoVEX 2018 Finalists Announcement


The semifinals of the InnoVEX Pitch Contest was held on June 7 in the InnoVEX Pi Stage. This round was separated into 2 sections where the 29 startups pitched to 2 different sets of judges. The results were announced at 9:00 PM on the same day of the Pitch Contest.

From over 100 startups who applied, now only 8 are left from Taiwan, US, Philippines, and China. The finalists’ categories are: Security, Enterprise Software, Consumer Tech, AI & Big Data, AR & VR, Health & Biotech, and Hardware. The finalists will pitch to final judge panel including VCs from global firms: Fenox Ventures, Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support, and Imec.xpand, etc.

The finalists will compete for the cash prizes; with the prize pool reaching USD 350,000 this year, this is a record high for InnoVEX.

The prizes are USD 30,000 for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest Grand Prize from the organizers; USD 10,000 from Delta Electronics, Inc; USD 10,000 from Nogle Limited and Maxceed Capital Group; and a total of USD 300,000 from the SMEA Startup Terrace which will be given to 6 winning startups.

The final round will be open to public and held at 14:30, June 8 in the Center Stage. It is also livestreamed to the InnoVEX website:

The finalists are:


2. Kloudless

3. Origami Group Limited

4. OneWatt Solutions

5. Construct Studio Inc.

6. BioInspira

7. Pi Square Co., Ltd.

8. Beijing Luckey Technology Co., Ltd.