[Interview] - R-PUR Takes Pollution Head-On

 2018-09-13 By: InnoVEX Team

Air pollution has been a global issue for many countries across the world. The InnoVEX team had the opportunity to interview Mr. Matthieu Lecuyer of R-PUR, a French startup who creates anti-pollution masks with patented valve technologies and nanofiltration capabilities.

During the interview, Mr. Lecuyer shared that with their IT background, they originally planned to make a mobile platform. However, both co-founders decided to build a physical product instead to tackle the increasingly serious issue of air pollution.

"There is a stark difference in the steps taken for startups who build platforms to grow and a product based startup’s growth. Seeing the gradual progress made as raw materials transform to finished products, gives a certain sense of satisfaction and the development is more clearly seen. Because the products can be physically & directly felt, touched, and worn; it also gives a more direct impact to the users." All these combined factors became the motivation to start for both Mr. Lecuyer and Mr. Hello.

The R-PUR masks are app connected which will help users determine when a filter replacement needs to take place. Mr. Lecuyer said that the app will have multiple functions which will be added in the near future. These updates will include an information source that can help educate users on air pollution and how people can be protected against it. By adding this feature to the app, users can also share information and raise awareness on air pollution in their community. Obviously, this is not the only improvement that R-PUR will offer. More developments are still in progress and will be made available when they are ready.

R-PUR was one of the startups visited by the Mayor of Taipei City, Ko Wen-je during InnoVEX 2018. Mr. Lecuyer said "it was interesting to meet with representatives from the governments who want to protect their members and employees." One example he gave was how the R-PUR masks can be used to protect traffic officers or patrolling police officers who are exposed to pollution for a long period of time during their work. "Many organizations are interested in the nanofiltration technology that R-PUR offers; not only businesses, but also government bodies such as the fire department or the armed forces." – Mr. Lecuyer clarified.

For more information on R-PUR, visit their website at: https://www.r-pur.com/