Cross Industry MOU Signing between IoT, Smart Textiles, and Precision Medicine for a Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

 2018-12-06 By: InnoVEX Team

From Left to Right: Tin-Chang Chang, President of TPMS; Minister Liang-gee Chen of MOST; Frank Huang, Chairman of TwIoTA; and Ray Lin, Chairman of TSTA

Taiwan IoT Technology & Industry Association (TwIoTA), Taiwan Smart Textiles Alliance (TSTA), and Taiwan Precision Medicine Society (TPMS) signed a tripartite MOU to accelerate & promote cross-industry cooperation. The representatives for the signing ceremony are Chairman Frank Huang of TwIoTA, Chairman Tin-Chang Chang of TPMS, and Chairman Ray Lin of TSTA. Also joining as the witness, special guest, and at the invitation of Chairman Huang is Minister Liang-gee Chen of the Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST).

Integration of Cross-Industry Applications is Key to Object-to-Object Communication

The “IoT & Smart Textile Innovation and Precision Medicine Application” seminar was also held on the same day as the MOU signing. The speakers invited for this session are: Dr. Tin-Chang Chang, President of TPMS; Steve Huang, Executive Director of AiQ Smart Clothing; Dr. Shang-Lin Chiang, attending physician of Tri-Service General Hospital; and Dr. Yin-tsong Lin, Senior Engineer of New Era AI Robotic. The seminar shares practical and actual use cases of cross-medical IoT applications, wearable technology applications, smart clothing, smart healthcare applications, and more.

The seminar also mentioned that Taiwan’s ICT, textile, and medical technology industries are globally vital and competitive. However, medical expertise is necessary to apply smart textiles in precision medicine, as well as to integrate textiles and IoT technologies. The speakers agreed that a tripartite cooperation will be able to strengthen the competitive advantages of the three industries.

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