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 2019-03-05 By: Elroy Yao

Smart cities aim to offer multiple conveniences to the citizens. Ranging from autonomous transportation, telemedicine, smart grids, and more; the system will both require and generate a huge amount of data. Aggregating the information as well as processing and creating responses from it will most definitely be far beyond the capabilities of humans or even a group of humans. The only viable processing system then will most definitely be AI.

Eyes on You

One of the most important data to be used in smart cities is arguably visual data. Either video or still images, both of these data will require camera with a certain level of sophistication. The information provided can be used for identification purposes, surveillance, security, authentication; or other imaginable purposes, but to ensure rapid response and minimum delays, edge deep learning technology is preferable. In addition, given how the inhabitants of smart cities; individuals or collectives will use a variety of devices from different manufacturers with their own systems and version. For this purpose, device agnosticism will be vital. One example of AI system that fits the requirements is Deepforce, an exhibitor of InnoVEX 2018 from Taiwan. With a general purpose image processing AI, Deepforce’s solutions can have broader utilizations in smart cities.

Multi-Disciplinary AI for Faster, Better Services

To properly process the gathered information, multiple disciplines of AI such as machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and more. While the services are still performed by humans today, many of the humans will most likely be replaced by automation in the near future. These can be in the form of robotic automatons or by software/ apps. The problem that arises is how these automatons will need to be updated as soon as possible to make sure the system works for as many people as possible. For this purpose, the AI will need to be able to learn while at the same time processing the gathered data. One of the companies that fit this bill is Alphamoon AI, an exhibitor of InnoVEX 2018 from Poland. As they offer a broad spectrum of AI related services, their solution might be applicable for smart cities.

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