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 2019-03-19 By: Elroy Yao

An increase in the number of installed IoT devices will subsequently increase the amount of gathered data. While a valuable source of information, without a way to analyze it or respond to it, the data is essentially useless. A general AI might be able to do the function, but big data will be a much more relevant system to employ.

One of the facets of big data is about the variety of collected data. Every data point might contain information that was not even considered before. The discovered information might be even more relevant than traditionally collected data; such as providing an actionable pattern in the information.

The Future of Agriculture Improvement

Perhaps one of the less-expected applications of big data in digital transformation is in agriculture. While certainly an important industry, improvements in agriculture often focus on improving the output and efficiency through mechanization or chemical means. However, information based improvements are slowly gaining ground as a way to achieve both goals as well as developing a more sustainable agricultural practices. This solution is offered by one of the exhibitors of InnoVEX 2018 from Taiwan: AgriWeather. Their solution focuses on collecting agricultural data to provide assistance and suggestions to improve crop yields and use resources more efficiently.

Bird Eye’s View for a More Comprehensive Data

Smart cities collect data almost require the systems in place to gather all possible data, but hardware & IoT cannot collect the citizens’ thoughts. Emotions might be visible and can be picked up through cameras, thoughts are not. While social media might be used to gather opinions that might not be expressed in-person; some opinions might be too controversial to be expressed even online and an added level of anonymity becomes necessary.

Collecting opinions or thoughts might not be necessary for the day-to-day operation, but it will definitely be necessary for improvements and is also a form of new data that can be gathered. This is offered by another exhibitor of InnoVEX 2018 from Taiwan, ThinkTank; whose product, Clappio serves as a simple yay-or-nay opinion aggregator. This solution excels as a starting point of finding pain points of a city; such as where a road is congested and at what time.

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