TTA Pavilion leads Tech Innovation for Tomorrow at InnoVEX

 2019-05-21 By: David Liu

Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), a tech startup ecosystem building program, presents the 78 startups, showcasing their innovative tech solutions in the upcoming Innovex 2019. As the biggest TTA Pavilion since the launch of TTA, the Pavilion has gathered some of the best minds in “Smart Healthcare,” “Living Future,” and “Tech Startup” during InnoVEX 2019, and it is sure to be one of the must-sees to discover the latest trends and products in Taiwan’s tech innovative industries.

One of the highlights of “Smart Healthcare” is “Hipposcreen NeuroTech(宏智生醫科技)“, funded by Compal Electronics, Inc. and NTUT. Hipposcreen NeuroTech is dedicated to developing a Stress EEG Assessment (SEA) that captures brainwaves by an amplifier to get a better signal, leveraging the self-developed EEG recording system and AI algorithm for data analysis. This SEA System provides an objective indicator of mental health to speed up the process of diagnosis.

“FaceHeart(鉅怡智慧),”found by NCTU, is an artificial intelligence company that also provides “Smart Healthcare” services. One of the products - eBus - is the driver monitoring solution that solves the problem of drowsy driving and alerts drivers if they are fatigue driving. By using a normal camera, the system can monitor physiology and behavior of drivers with face detection and recognition technology.

DuoGenic StemCells(通用幹細胞) , which dedicates to promoting clinical application of human stem cells including both research and practice, is promisingly achieving into clinical medical grade and look favorably on stem cell therapy application.

For TTA’s “Living Future” startups, AI is also applied to their innovative solutions. "ELECLEAN(創淨科技)" developed more than 30 patents for the development of water-based e-Net disinfection spray, which turns water into disinfectant water with merely DIY access. ELECLEAN also initially develops derivative applications such as kitchen, laundry and air-conditioning applications with tested to be non-harmful to human health.

“JARVISH(酷設工坊)” creates the strongest smart helmet on the earth. Just like the collaboration between TONY STARK and JARVIS in the “Iron Man” story, JARVISH integrates the application of communication and AI into the normal helmet, and various functions triggered by voice command, so that the rider can enjoy the freedom of riding while still remains secured.With the ultimate vision to become the " search engine of real world", “OmniEyes(動見科技)” provides a way to utilize video effectively by collecting and digitizing live street videos, and converting them using AI technologies to various location-based information for real-time task executions and long-term data analytics.

TTA, Empowering Tech Startups
Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), sponsored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) since Jun. 2018, is a tech innovation and entrepreneurship program aiming to connect the whole tech startup ecosystem under one dome.

TTA has partnered with technology innovations affiliates around the world such as French Tech Taiwan, Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) and global accelerators such as SOSV-MOX, SparkLabs Taipei, IAPS and BE Accelerator, and more than 100 international startups. Its main mission is to foster tech entrepreneurship, innovation, and build a vibrant international tech startup ecosystem in Taiwan.

TTA hopes to attract global and domestic talents and actively foster the innovation of technology industries by building a co-creation platform for startups, accelerators, venture capital, and corporate partners under one dome. TTA is seeking to cultivate and work with startups who have the ambition and passion to provide innovation solutions with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, software, semi-conductor and more.

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