467 Startups from 25 Countries and Regions from 7 Major Industries will Join InnoVEX

 2019-05-24 By: InnoVEX team

The startup focused exhibition of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, InnoVEX will return from May 29 to 31 in TWTC Hall 1. As the co-organizer, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that as InnoVEX entered the fourth year, InnoVEX will have a new slogan: New Thinking‧New Engineering‧New Future. InnoVEX 2019 will have 467 startups from 25 countries and regions with 7 major industries: AI, Biotech, Blockchain, IoT Application, Smart Machinery, Sports Tech, and Startup Ecosystem. The exhibitor numbers increased by 20% growth last year and nearly 40 percents of startup teams are from overseas. In addition, a total of 12 country pavilions will be hosted in InnoVEX 2019: Canada, Philippines, Netherlands, South Korea, France, Hong Kong, Brazil, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Germany, and Hungary.

TCA stated that InnoVEX will focus on helping startups thrive, get funded, invested, and grow to the global market through exhibition, pitch contest, forums, matchmaking, demo, and more. Over 20,000 visitors are expected for this year’s InnoVEX to create more opportunities, exposure, and coverage; as well as making InnoVEX one of the leading startup platforms in the world.

There are many eye-catching startups to be mentioned, for example, the Ubiik Weightless Long Range ePaper had won the Best Choice Award this year. From the AI category: Ludo that provides coaches or teachers to set a motion AI model in 15 mins, iiNumbers which is a platform to integrate labeled data and generate models automatically, GenerationsE which provides AI-powered medical imaging solutions. From the AR/VR/XR category: Ganzin Technology whose product Aurora is a dramatically re-architectured eye-tracking solution with a small form factor and minimal power requirements, Veyond Reality (VOLLEGE), Speed 3D (Picbot), WOWWOW(VR Game).

From the Health and Biotech category: Hipposcreen Neurotech which provides Stress EEG Assessment system, MediVisionTech, Winnoz Technology whose product Haiim assists healthcare providers in safely collecting blood microsamples from fragile patients without generating stress. From the IoT category: Yallvend, a smart vending machine upgrade kit; WeavAir, HVAC systems with AI; Trillion-Sr International; Point Innovative; IoT.RUN, wire-free modular Linux IoT prototyping platform leveraging Raspberry Pi 3 board. From Bigdata & Cloud: DOIT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, Sky Family Enterprise Cloud Mobile Intelligence Platform. From the Drone category: Everduit, Virtual Private Drone with Drone Router.

InnoVEX Pitch Semifinal will Have 31 startups Pitch on stage on May 31

143 startups from 19 countries and regions signed up for the InnoVEX Pitch Contest. The top 5 industries of the registered startups are: AI & Big Data, Hardware & IoT, Health & Biotech, AR/VR/MR, and Fintech / Blockchain / E-Commerce. With more startups joining than ever, the judges selected 31 teams to join the semifinal round on May 29 and 30 on the InnoVEX Pi Stage. Afterwards, 10 teams will be selected to join the final round on May 31 for a chance to win prizes from the total prize pool of USD 420,000. This year’s Pitch Contest prizes are sponsored by TTA/ MOST, Startup Terrace – SMEA under MOEA, Qualcomm Incorporated, and Taiwania Capital. In addition to the record high of prize pool, the pitching startups can also get attention from investors and potential partners; as well as exposure from the media and potential users.

After the competitive online judging period, TCA announced all candidates who got into semi-final round. The teams that are chosen to go into semi-final round include Adok, AP Plasma, BayPay, Bovia, Charco, Chelpis, Crowdinsight, Empath, Fin2B, Ganzin Technology, GenerationsE Software, Genius Holdings - Taiwan Branch, GranDen, Jowin Biopharma, kikaGO, lululab, Magicast Technology, Mapwize by Contexeo, MedFluid, Mind & Idea Fly, MTAMTech, OmniEyes, Onesoftdigm (OSD), PurCity, Simplify Networks S/B, SWR TECHNOLOGY, Targetrust Biotech, Thermovision Biotek (aka TVBIO), Trabble, Vernace Tech and YajanTech. All the teams’ pitch schedule is available on the InnoVEX website and viewers are welcome to see the Live Pitch on Pi Stage.

The InnoVEX Forum on the Center Stage to Cover 7 Main Topics

To share the latest trends on the industrial and startup ecosystem trends with the attending audience; TCA will hold the InnoVEX Forum. This year, the topics will cover AI, Blockchain, Biotech, Fintech, Sportstech, Smart Machinery, Startup Ecosystem, and more.

TCA stated that the InnoVEX Forum will have a number of speakers from well-known companies, accelerators, startups, and more. From accelerators and startups, the speakers include: Mr. Zvika Popper, the VP of Strategy of HYPE Sports Innovation; Ravi Belani, the Managing Partner of Alchemist Accelerator; Professor Jeff Karp of Harvard University; Mr. Amit Pradhan, the President of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society; and more.

Covering the industrial application of AI, the InnoVEX forum will be joined by a number of academics and industry experts. For the Smart Machinery sessions, the Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) will invite Professor Fan-Tien Cheng of NCKU, Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center; Associate Professor Yung-Pin Cheng of NCU, CSIE; and Professor Qingqi Chen of NCU, CSIE.

For the Biotech session, the InnoVEX Forum will be joined by Professor Pan-Chyr Yang, Attending Physician & Professor of National Taiwan University Hospital; Professor Feipei Lai, Secretary in Medical Affairs & Professor of NTU Hospital; Professor Chien-Yu Chen of NTU, Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering; Professor Paul Hwu, Attending Physician & Professor of National Taiwan University Hospital; and Professor Bor-Sheng Ko, Attending Physician of National Taiwan University Hospital. All the speakers will share their experiences of applying AI in the fields of smart hospitals, genetic analysis, disease detection, and therapy.

In addition, experts from around the world will also share their insights on multiple topics. Min Sun (Chief AI Scientist of Appier), Limas Lin (VP of Etron) and Alex Chang (Director of MediaTek) will discuss the AI application of vertical markets at IDB Forum: AI Applications. Mr. John Jorritsma, the Mayor of Eindhoven and Mr Dominik Schiener, Co-Chairman of the Boards of Directors & Founder of IOTA Foundation will bring keynote speeches and join a panel discussion on blockchain and its applications in smart transportation and smart city. In addition, Mr. Alessandro Grande, the Ecosystem Manager of Arm and Mr. Pranesh Sinha, Senior Product Management Director of Qualcomm Inc. were invited to share success stories of corporation – startup partnerships and how to accelerate IoT product R&D & market entry.

Highly Supported by the Government

Among many economic trends, innovation and entrepreneurship are key metrics to achieving progress and growth. As InnoVEX is a highly international event, it is only natural for startups to want to establish international connections. To achieve this, National Development Council (NDC), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), Taipei City Government, New Taipei City Government, Taoyuan City Government, Tainan City Government, the Bureau of Foreign Trade, and other government units will be more actively involved in InnoVEX. The government units will host startup pavilions, forums, pitch & match events, night parties, and more.

MOST Expands Their Support to InnoVEX and Startups by Hosting Matchmaking Events and Sponsoring USD 100,000 for the InnoVEX Pitch

To help Taiwan’s rapidly growing startups to expand to the international market, as well as connecting academics with the industry; MOST has been constantly and highly supportive of InnoVEX. This year, MOST will extend their support for InnoVEX. In addition to holding the previously mentioned forums by GLORIA, MOST will also hold 2 pitch & match events: the InnoVEX Matchmaking Powered by TTA x TIEC and InnoVEX Matchmaking Powered by TTA x AAN.

Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) is a startup hub under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). Since its creation in June 2018, TTA has attracted multiple ICT & innovation focused organizations from multiple countries such as French Tech Taiwan, Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA), as well as global accelerators such as SOSV MOX, Sparklabs Taipei, Industrial Accelerator & Patent Strategy (IAPS), BE Accelerator, and more. TTA aims to strengthen the partnerships between Taiwan’s innovation & global startup ecosystem.

As such, TTA regularly introduces the resources available to startups and coach startups to pitch the Silicon Valley way, instill the SV mindset, and teach relevant skills/ techniques to make sure the startups can join in international events. In addition, TTA especially created the Pitch Night as a way to provide on-site training opportunities, so that the startups can expand overseas, as well as gain investments and exposures from international VCs and corporations.

As an organization under MOST, TTA will also sponsor the InnoVEX Pitch Contest Grand Prize: the Taiwan Tech Award which is worth USD 100,000. The prize consists of USD 30,000 investment fund, USD 20,000 worth membership on TTA, and USD 50,000 worth of TTA/ TIEC training program and resources to help startups expand to the international market.

SMEA, MOEA – Startup Terrace Pavilion Lights up Next Generation in InnoVEX

The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) under MOEA has coordinated the Startup Terrace Pavilion that aggregates 153 creative startups and that showcases Taiwan's capabilities in creative and incubation industries. The pavilion is joined by active members of Startup Terrace, Innovative Incubator Zone, and InnoNEXT-Youth CEO. The show will increase international visibility and investment opportunities for Taiwanese startups and align them with the international startup ecosystem.

Startup Terrace, an international startup hub promoted by the MOEA' SMEA, has selected high quality international startup teams and accelerators to join the residency through awards and pitch competitions. 6 international accelerators—PwC Taiwan, Innovation to Industry i2i, Formosa TV, Rainmaking Innovation (RMI), Wanda Hong Co., LTD. and Mighty Net, and 38 startups from 6 countries will display their exciting innovative applications in IoT, smart cities, smart medicine and cloud data. Startup Terrace will also introduce its startup measures and residency program at the show.

ASVDA Startup Ecosystem Forum: Global Perspective to Create International Connections for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

To assist Taiwan’s startups to expand to the international market; the Asian Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA) will host the ASVDA Startup Ecosystem Forum: Global Perspective on the InnoVEX Center Stage on May 31. The forum session will have speakers from Japan, US, France, and Singapore to share their insights on the startup ecosystem and market tends of US, Japan, Singapore, South East Asia, France, and more. In a panel discussion format, it will be moderated by David Weng, the General Manager of Taiwania Capital. Startups, founders, and general public are invited to join the session to get first-hand experience from the experts and learn of future international market to promote industrial transformation and expansion.

AI Life Pavilion features Taiwan’s AI products and solutions

To encourage Taiwan companies to develop AI software/hardware products, and help them explore more business opportunities at home and abroad, the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) under Ministry of Economic Affairs launches the AI Life Pavilion at COMPUTEX this year, while organizing trade meetings and business visits to other countries to promote AI solutions from Taiwan. Local and international buyers that look for exchanges and cooperation are more than welcomed to visit the AI Life Pavilion (Venue: L1018, Nangang Hall1 4F, Taipei) during the show. The exhibitors of AI Life pavilion including Acer Cloud Technology, ASUS, ACTi Corporation, Techman Robot, AOPEN and Micro Innovation Technology, Merit LILIN Enterprise, ioNetworks, OKGO, JARVISH, Etron Technology, Immense Digitize Engineering, Beseye Cloud Security and ForeAider.

IDB will also invite Min Sun (Chief AI Scientist of Appier), Limas Lin (VP of Etron) and Alex Chang (Director of MediaTek) to discuss the AI application of vertical markets at InnoVEX forum of IDB AI Application session.

Startup Pitch & Match @PiStage

Matchmaking is a vital event for startups as it is a great opportunity to find investors and partners directly. To help the exhibiting startups to thrive, InnoVEX will hold a series of pitch & matching events on the Pi Stage. The Pitch & Match events are: InnoVEX Pitch Contest Semifinal, InnoVEX Matchmaking Powered by TTA x AAN, InnoVEX Matchmaking Powered by TTA x TIEC, Tourism Innovation & Tech Awards, and Global Demo Day. In total over 90 startups will join the Pitch and Match events in InnoVEX Pi Stage as well as over 100 matchmaking sessions. The startups in the Pitch and Match events include: 3drens, Adok, Antipara Exploration, Cryptors, Gellybomb, GRANDEN, Hoomano, Investagrams, WeGo and more.

Tourism Innovation & Tech Awards Final Pitch to Take Place on Pi Stage, May 31

The first ever Tourism Innovation & Tech Awards will be held by the Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation & Communications. After a 5 month review period, the finalists who will pitch on stage have been decided. Out of the 140 startups from 12 countries, 20 startups will pitch in the Tourism Innovation & Tech Awards final pitch on May 31 on the Pi Stage. There are 3 prizes for the event, with the highest worth NTD 1,000,000. The winners will be announced after the pitch session is over.