InnoVEX Mini Saloon: Steering Into the Future!

 2019-12-13 By: InnoVEX Team

InnoVEX Mini Saloon: Steering into the Future

Accenture consultancy research report illustrates that it is estimated that the global sales of new car sales in 2030 will be 2 trillion euros, which is similar to the current market situation, and the profit can be maintained between 122 billion to 126 billion euros. It can grow rapidly to 1.2 trillion euros, and the profit margin can be reach to 220 billion euros, which is more than the sales of automobile. Therefore, many automobile vehicle manufactures have begun to invest in developing or implementing in future mobility services to widen future business opportunities for its automobile industry.

In order to allow startup teams both domestic and abroad to understand the current trend of future mobility and logistics, during the Taipei Startup Week event, “Taipei Computer Association” (TCA) and U.S. Accelerator “TechStars”co-organized the newest edition of InnoVEX Mini Saloon under the theme of “Future Mobility & Logistics,”on Dec 12th, 2019 at Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA). In this mini saloon, we have invited Mr. Bryan Huang (Founder of TaipeiLaw Attorneys-at-Law) as our moderator, Ms. Angela Leibinger (Digital Business Manager of Audi Taiwan), Mr. Charlie Chang (General Manager of Ally Logistics Property), Mr. Volker Heistermann (Founder of Yushan Venture Capital), and Mr. Brian Shen (General Manager of Toshiba Taiwan) as our panel speakers. During the panel discussion session, both moderator and the speakers provided its observations and comments on the trends of future mobility and logistics. In which, all five panel members agreed that internal combustion engine (ICE) will be phased out in the upcoming years and replace by circular propulsion system based engine. The automobile supply chain will undergo a fundamental change in the next decade. Although it is unclear which technology will exactly replace petroleum (both gasoline and diesel) based engine, it is fairly clear that electric autonomous vehicles shall play a major role in the future of smart transportation. In addition, Mr. Charlie Chang (General Manager of Ally Logistics Property) stated that the future automotive supply chain, logistics industry suppliers, and the entire economic market are interconnected with each other; therefore any changes in the structure of the automotive supply chain will both directly and indirectly affect the nature of global trades across the global community. The following are the key points of the panel discussion: the different characteristics of batteries and ICE, the dominance of batteries in electric autonomous vehicle technologies, the influence of battery-driven thrusters has created on traditional automobile manufacturing, and the strategies logistics providers has to adapt to the new wave of the automotive manufacturing supply chain.

In addition, our mini saloon has also invited 6 startup teams (both domestic and abroad) to conduct demo-pitch, including Autonom Battery Intelligence, eYs3D, HJUAV, Omniply Technologies, Singularity & Infinity, and Studio 1 Labs. All 6 teams shared how its innovative application or products can be implementing it into future mobility and logistics industry. InnoVEX mini saloon not only provides opportunities for exposure and industrial networking, but also provides opportunities for industrial alliances, technological upgrading, and business cooperation to truly connect Taiwan’s startup and technology innovation ecosystem.

InnoVEX 2020 Registration has Begun!

InnoVEX 2020 will be held from June 3rd to June 5th at Taipei World Trade Center – Hall 1. More teams are joining us every year, and new theme pavilions will also be introduced at InnoVEX 2020. Please check out InnoVEX 2020 Official Website for further details.