Ganzin-The Next-Gen Eye-Tracking that Revolutionizes the AR/VR Industry

 2020-02-26 By: Chung Huang

Remember Marvel’s movie, Black Panther? The movie was a huge hit when it first released in 2018. Follow by its success in the box office, many have been discussing the chasing scene in Korea when Shuri maneuvers a vehicle remotely via virtual reality (VR). Driving through the fast-moving traffic without an actual driver seems unrealistic and it will probably happen only in the movies. However, what if I tell you that a startup from Taiwan is about to make this happen?

Ganzin Technology Inc., a startup from Taiwan, invented an eye-tracking module that will change the way we foresee the future technology world. Aurora, developed by Ganzin, is an eye-tracking solution that can enable eye-tracking capability in many domains such as AR/VR. Dr. Shao-Yi Chien, the founder/CEO of Ganzin Technology Inc., expects that the eye-tracking technology is going to be popularized in the AR/VR industry in less than 2 years. Research had also shown that the “global augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market is expected to reach $167.89 billion by 2026, representing a remarkable 2019-2026 CAGR of 34.7%.”

Unlike other eye-tracking solutions in the market, Aurora is light, small, and easy to integrate. Aurora composes with only three sensors; two Eye Sensors on the side which track the user's eye movement and one Eye Processing Unit (EPU) in the center which processes the gaze coordinate. AR/VR device makers can easily enable the eye-tracking capability with Aurora by integrating it onto their devices. Aurora not only supports both indoor and outdoor usage, but it is also low on battery consumption which allows all-day operation with a single charge.

You’ve probably all been wondering, how eye-tracking technology achieves VR driving or VR controlling that we’ve only seen in the movies? During the interview, Dr. Shao-Yi Chien mentioned that the issue with traditional AR/VR technology was the lack of efficient eye-tracking and picture rendering systems. However, with Aurora, Ganzin resolved the issues of the traditional eye-tracking systems by directly analyzing the eye images. Thus, Aurora can determine a user’s eye movement more precisely and faster with a much simpler mechanical design. In addition to that, along with the advanced technology of “Foveated Rendering” in recent years, Dr. Chien believes that VR controlling will soon be brought into life.

The reasons behind starting his own business.

Dr. Shao-Yi Chien was originally a professor at National Taiwan University (NTU). There were many reasons behind the scene that encouraged him to start his own business. However, the brain drain issue here in Taiwan was the main reason that drove him. Dr. Chien realized that many talented students had decided to move abroad upon graduation and had become a huge loss to our industries. Thus, to bring changes to the startup industry and thrives entrepreneurship, Dr. Chien founded Ganzin in 2018. Ganzin has closed its seed funding recently and is aiming to initiate its series A funding this year. Since establishment, Ganzin has also won many awards such as the Qualcomm Innovation Awardat InnoVEX 2019 and CES 2020 Innovation Award. To know more about Ganzin in person, make sure to stop by InnoVEX 2020!

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