Industry News: Taiwan's Viral Success Makes It Harder to Ignore

 2020-04-06 By: Bloomberg Opinion

Bloomberg pointed out in one of their articles that Taiwan has done a tremendous job preventing the COVID-19 pandemic while many countries are suffering from the disease.

As for today, Taiwan has recorded only 339 cases and 5 deaths. This is not a coincidence, in fact, Taiwan had warned the WHO that people are passing the disease to each other and COVID-19 has a high possibility of becoming a global outbreak way earlier in December 2019. However, the WHO had ignored the information provided by Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and stated that COVID-19 would not spread via human-to-human transmission. The false judgment by the WHO has caused the world a painful price.

Taiwan has shown the entire world that Taiwan has the ability and knowledge to prevent the pandemic and deserved a seat in the WHO. Read more on Bloomberg’s article.

This article was extracted from: Bloomberg Opinion