Studio 1 Labs- Revolutionize patient care system with smart bedsheets

 2020-05-13 By: Louis Lu

Within recent years, the healthcare industry across the global platform has been heavily influenced and erupted by the Internet of Things (IoT), in which it created a high demand for various devices to capture and monitor patient health information. Studio 1 Labs, a Canadian startup located in Taiwan that specializes in fabric sensing technology. Its intelligent bed sheet is a non-invasive wireless bedsheet that has eliminated the need for any attachments to a patient’s body, the intelligent bedsheet has fabric sensors dispersed throughout its material that measures respiratory rates, rhythms, heart beats, sleep-patterns, location and movements and transmits the data wirelessly to a computer terminal, automating routine patient monitoring for healthcare personnel; data which is traditionally collected through multiple devices attach to one’s body. Thus, with accurate data efficiency and analytics, it can predict the onset of health decline and emergencies such as apnea, heart attack and stroke.

In addition, during the interview, when asked how did Studio 1 Labs ended up choosing Taiwan as the place within the Asia-Pacific region, Mr. Edward Shim, co-founder and managing director of Studio 1 Labs stated “We were supported by the Canadian Digital Media Network along with the Taipei City Government, however the most attracting elements of Taiwan being the most ideal location for Studio 1 Labs is its location, strong industrial fabrication background, and the environment.” The intelligent bedsheet not only offers a better alternative to collecting patient information than traditional methods, like time-consuming in-person checkups or expensive and many wired devices. Studio 1 Labs’ bedsheet can capture the same accurate information to hospitals and nursing homes validated through clinical studies, but at a lower price making it possible to countries across the globe where healthcare is expensive.

Thus, when asked what makes Studio 1 Labs’ intelligent bedsheet such a unique product to the healthcare sector, Mr. Shim stated “the smart bedsheet is unique in that it is concentrated on the depth of pressure for each sensing point. It can alert medical staff if a patient is at risk for developing pressure ulcers, if a patient is struggling to get on and off the bed, or, most importantly, if the patient is suffering from respiratory distress.” In addition, Mr. Shim also stated during the interview that due to the Pandemic of COVID-19 across the globe, Studio 1 Labs had the opportunity to take a turn and established an “intelligent bed strip” as a respiratory distress monitor to help the fight against COVID-19. Lastly, for the past few months, Mr. Shim was able to collaborate with joint-partners from Taiwan, together as a whole send out a few batches of personal protective equipment (PPE) medical gowns back to Canada for the medical frontline workers within these wearying times. Studio 1 Labs will continue its amazing work for patient health tracking in hospitals, nursing homes, and at-home medical monitoring. With Studio 1 Labs’ intelligent bedsheet and bed strip technology, doctors and nurses shall have real-time access to past health trends and the status of each patient within lightning speed.

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