InnoVEX Webinar: 【Technology・Startups・Post-COVID-19 How Does It All Fit Together?】

 2020-06-15 By: InnoVEX Team

In response to the pandemic COVID-19, Taiwan has utilized its advanced deployment policies with relevant measures and technology applications, which have led Taiwan to be acknowledged and to receive more recognition internationally. Thus, under the lead of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), InnoVEX of Taipei Computer Association (TCA) alongside with the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association (CIECA) would like to connect international partners with Taiwan’s healthcare / biotech startups, medical experts, to share, exchange, and discuss potential partnership or cooperation in the near post-age of COVID-19 via a LIVE webinar, but also more importantly turning them into true business opportunities.

The webinar took place on Monday, 8th June 2020 at 16:15 (GMT+8), the 67min webinar attracted 131 professionals from 28 countries / locations. Deputy Director General Mr. Chih-Hung Liu of the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) was present for the opening remarks where he congratulated Taiwan for its 57th day of zero indigenous infection of COVID-19. Deputy Director General Mr. Liu continues to mention that despite the geographical distance of Taiwan and Mainland China, and the frequent travel exchanges, the government of Taiwan responded early and quickly to formulate actionable strategies to face COVID-19. The strategy involving related industry professionals to be integrated, such as mask production, screening measures, tests and others. One of the main aspects of how Taiwan was able to react so quickly was because despite competitiveness among companies of the related industries, when in facing with the pandemic and by the calling of the government, industry professionals were able to positively be integrated to focus at a united cause of aiding the difficult situation, and produce workable applications such as eMask and others.

During the webinar, CEO of Winnoz Technology Dr. Joses Hsiung, and Manager of Industrial Technology Research Institute Dr. Yi-Keng Fu were invited to share insights of how healthcare / biotech startup companies from Taiwan may play a role in the near post-COVID-19 era. The webinar concluded by inviting four startups for a short 5min presentation of their solutions:
1. Heroic-Faith
2. Ganzin
4. Unique Biotechnology

On behalf of the organizers, the InnoVEX team would like to sincerely thank all those who participated at the webinar. We hope that the webinar may provide useful insight or inspiration to be creative for you to aid the control of the pandemic. Our thoughts and concerns are with all those have been affected by COVID-19.

Have You Heard of Startup Island TAIWAN

A good amount of effort by the government of Taiwan has been placed into promoting the startup ecosystem by allocating resources, pushing forward-thinking policies for innovation and entrepreneurship in the past few years. Consequently, the startup ecosystem of Taiwan is extremely active and thriving and becomes reputational worldwide.

Startup Island TAIWAN is an initiative that bonds both the startup community and government tightly, aiming to forge a national startup brand and overall image for the startups based in Taiwan. This sound initiative was formulated by consulting over 100 members of startup communities and collecting opinions from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Economic Affairs respectively. Startup Island TAIWAN symbolizes a journey from a startup island to the international arena. It stands for Diverse Culture, Daring Innovation, Leading-Edge Technology, and Endless Creativity, and demonstrates to the world the strong ambition and capabilities of Taiwan startups as well as their intention and ability to contribute to other startup ecosystems around the world.

InnoVEX Online 2020 Now Available!

InnoVEX Online 2020 is available to global startups, extending beyond the traditional exhibitors' list function, it will provide online presence globally by means of integrating with related communities via effective channels for those who are unable to participate in InnoVEX 2020 holding in Taipei in September, InnoVEX Online 2020 also makes it possible for our partners to showcase products or press releases on the web page to gain market exposure and discover new business opportunities!

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