Online Product Launch: TAIWAN Products for returning to work after COVID-19 crisis

 2020-06-24 By: InnoVEX Team

With over 50 days of zero national cases, Taiwan earned the world title with its excellent prevention, strategic policies, and medical/biotech technologies. However, the pandemic is yet threatening other countries around the world with severe cases and deaths. With the innovation of Taiwan’s IoT and AI industries, it is promising to assist other nations with better monitoring systems, prevention equipment, and treatment of the virus. Through TAITRA’s online product launch event, it provided medical/ biotech startups an opportunity to show and tell and find potential business cooperation. The companies included Asiatic Fiber Corporation, China Surgical Dressing Center, SINGTEX Industrial, Taiwan Stanch, ADE Technology Inc., Iweecare.

Primarily, Asiatic Fiber Corporation introduced its new series of reusable isolation gown and masks. Both products are made of surgical and antibacterial fabrics that are washable for up to 75 times and is water repellent. Besides that, China Surgical Dressing Center presented its fashionable facemasks and alcohol prep pads to help decrease the worldwide COVID-19 infectious rates. Further, at the end of this year, the company will be launching its new lubricating jelly with a V shape design, which assists the entry of the treatment equipment into the patient’s body. Despite that, SINGTEX Industrial spoke about their three types of isolation gowns made by 100% polyester with different AAMI levels and highly comfortable non-disposable facemasks. With different levels of AAMI on the isolation gowns, it created variety of choices for customers to decide. Similarly, Taiwan Stanch innovated the comfortable anti-UV medical facemasks made by soft fiber material and their latest N95 and 3D sponge masks, which provide a comfortable but secure solution to fight against the pandemic. On the other hand, ADE Technology Inc. introduced the Body Temp Scanner + T-Guard, Heat Finder + T-Guard, and innovated AD-LR064 Thermal Module to permanently and precisely monitor human’s body temperature in public. Lastly, Iweecare concluded with their Temp Pal solution on Smart Thermometer Patch, which is suitable for any family member and easy access personal monitor equipment for daily uses. As in this particular period of pandemic crisis, thanks to these six startups for innovating new technologies to not only securely prevented and combat COVID-19, but also to create a better comprehensive healthcare system in the sure.

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